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Thank You, God, For Thursday’s Blessings

Dear God, Dear Sir, Dear Heavenly Father, thank you. Sometimes, thank you is all I can say. Today, I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share Your Word. Thank you for allowing our many experiences to encourage and uplift others. Thank you, God, for removing my fear of blogging in June 2019. Thank you, God, for the supportive group of people who are now in my virtual life.

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Thank You, Lord, For Monday’s Blessings

Lord, thank You for being a Loving and Merciful God. Converted Christians are striving to remain faithful to You as You are to us. Let us not focus on the world’s troubles but to remain focus on You, Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Help us to be mindful that our hope should be only in You, not in things, not in people, and not in outcomes of mankind decisions. My hope from earth to glory lies only in You.

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