Keep Demons On A Leash

Do not let the taste of the forbidden fruit cause you to lose the taste of Heaven. – Tangie T. Woods

Do you ever wonder about the beautiful and perfect world we would have if not for the disobedience of Adam and Eve? Yes! One! One Commandment! That is all they had to obey! Now, look at our world! Imperfect people living in an imperfect world doing the best we can  to save ourselves from this untoward generation.


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Overcoming Frustration

Today’s topic was requested by a follower of my blog. We are so bombarded with life that at some point we will all perhaps experience frustration! Anxiety! Annoyance! Exasperation! Those words are synonymous and defined as the feeling of being upset or annoyed, as well as the inability to change or achieve something.

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One Classy Lady!

June 7, 1963 – August 28, 2019

“Christians should never be in position of fearing death” ~ Ruth Williams

This blog is written in memory of The Late Ruth Williams. A faithful sister-in-Christ who worshiped at the Northside Church of Christ congregation in Lake City, Florida.

Ruth was my friend, my sister-in-Christ and one of my three spiritual mentors. She touched many lives and her genuine love for God was obvious by the way she lived her life. She had a respectable reputation based on consistency of her visible love for God, for her biological and spiritual families, and her students. Her profession of godliness matched her behavior in words, in thoughts and in deeds.

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