Knowing Your Frenemies?

Are you aware of your friends and frenemies relationships? Do you know when mutual friends of frenemies are betraying you? I enjoy watching British shows and just started watching a new series titled ‘Sticks and Stones.’ It is about a company downsizing and will get rid of one of four employees in Sales. Three coworkers get together and plan to bully Thomas, Sales Manager, into becoming unstable so he is fired and their jobs are secure.

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That’s the question Rodney King asked in May of 1992 during the riots that ensued following the acquittal of the police officers who had beaten him the previous year. That question has a renewed application at a time when we are arguing with one another over everything from public health to public safety. I have […]

via Can’t we all just get along? — Hostetler Blogs

Can’t we all just get along? — Hostetler Blogs

My First Blogaversary!

June 29, 2019, I wrote my first blog; as of today, including this one, I have published 131 blogs, have about 1,063 e-mail and WordPress blog followers and approximately 47,000 views around the world. I thank the Lord and celebrate each of you offering my sincere appreciation for viewing, liking, commenting and following MRS. T’S CORNER.

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