It Is My Story To Share If I Choose To!

Have you ever heard, or said to someone, “It’s my story and I will share if I want to?” Have others ever invaded your personal boundaries by evoking interest in your story before you decided to share it with them? How do you handle people’s intrusiveness?

I recently saw a Facebook post that got my attention because I once struggled with it too. The post read “LEARN TO BE OKAY WITH PEOPLE NOT KNOWING YOUR STORY. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE TO ANYONE.”

I had to learn it is okay with others not knowing my story. Why? I shared general information with people whom I truly believed were my friends until they shared negative versions of what I said. It was then, I became leery of our friendship and decided it was time to protect my emotional, physical and spiritual boundaries.

Struggling or concerning yourself with opinions of others is a waste of intellectual energy. –Tangie T. Woods

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