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Influences of Alabama Spiritual Mothers

Meet my Alabama Spiritual Mothers Sisters Mathews, Carr and Powell.

These godly women met me when I was mentally, physically and spiritually out of shape and lifted me from a dark place. Now, my passion is for our youth and young women who can still be shaped into godly examples to help those younger than them.

Some young sisters shared their thoughts and observations with me. Sadly, I agree we are losing too many young women to the world. Why?

I was surprised a couple of young sisters approached me after building courage and feeling comfortable to share their stories. It is evident that all of my spiritual mothers were preparing me to prepare others. A spiritual mother must be responsible and spiritually led by the Lord.

If you do not have godly, faithful, obedient, spiritual and very mature Christian women who genuinely nourish love the Lord into your life, pray and ask God to bless you with one, in my case, many. They have divine purposes and do not seek to please mankind. I am sure many heard “Everyone with gray hair is not wise, spiritually or godly.” Pray!

My spiritual mothers love God and show reverence to Him, and they often go unnoticed because they are humble encouragers. Young women now see me as I see my spiritual mothers.

I think about my life in the way of who I was, and the woman God is molding me to be. I must stay focus on this path led by Him without looking to the left, or to the right, but keep moving forward in His sight.

Spiritual Mothers in Alabama and Florida

“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Honor [them] for all that [their] hands have done and let [their] work bring [them] praise at the city gate” (Proverb 31:29-31).


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9 thoughts on “Influences of Alabama Spiritual Mothers

  1. A beautiful and precious post, Tangie. I am pleased to ‘meet’ your spiritual mothers – they have such kind faces, and I’m glad you have them in your life to guide you and that you will now be an encourager of young people seeking to travel the path you have travelled before them. I am happy for you Xx

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    1. Good morning, Ellie, thank your kind words. I am truly blessed, and they make it so easy to love them and them and the path I now walk as an encourager, an example in righteousness. I am so thankful when I left Alabama the Lord blessed me with two new spiritual mothers to help me stay grounded, Sister G. Dickerson and Sister B. Copeland. It is so important to have these ladies on my spiritual Christian journey.


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