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Cultivate A Spiritual Mindset: Day 1

Sister Giselle and her mother Sister Thomas gave us three large poinsettias last year. I lost original photos when my iPhone went into security lockdown and had to be restored by Apple. Many months passed and leaves fell off and stems started drying, doing what they do in their season of life. I trimmed them to start the pruning stage.

Repotted in photo below

New growth and healthy leaves below

Continued growth and spaces filling in below

Continued growth below as we continue cultivating plants with love, water and sunlight. We will soon plant them in the yard.


Despite the affairs of the world, let us keep cultivating our minds and growing in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. And account that longsuffering of our Lord is salvation (2 Peter 3:15-18).


This is our season of life to be prune in righteousness. We must cultivate our minds in the word of God for spiritual growth and stay in the SON LIGHT. If we put our minds on security lockdown, it would be difficult for the devil’s demonic forces to penetrate them. — Tangie T. Woods


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