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Teatime Tuesday with Tangie T.

Please take a moment to reflect on your thoughts while sipping a cup of tea with Tangie T., on MRS. T’S CORNER.

“I saw Satan fall like lighting from Heaven” (Luke 10:18). We see ourselves falling from grace who accepted influences of Satan. Are power, positions, prestige, politics and profits over people worth the salvation of our souls?

Sadly, we are living in a land of division, despair, disappointment, depression and deadly devices of Satan. He fell from Heaven and wants us to fall and drown in the sea of sin to lose our salvation.

I have witnessed “Christians” disassociating themselves from others due to differences of political views. Views that will not get us from earth to glory. Our views on any subject matters should be discussed in love and respect for one another. We should never allow division.

Your thoughts?


We must keep one another encouraged and in prayer for the continuation of achieving a transformed mind in Christ, not transformed according to Satan’s influences or the influences of corrupt people. We become the company we keep and listen to as if their words are the gospel truth.

Teatime Quotes

“No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served.” – Earlene Grey

“The tea session is modeled after the silence of retreat; a time to enjoy life far removed from daily existence.” – Sen Joo


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