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Life of My Mother Lillie M. W. Washington (1942 – 2017)

A mother’s love is the closest love to feeling the genuineness of God’s loves us. I miss my mother — Tangie T. Woods

The day my mother died was the saddest day in my life. When I think about the hardship our family endured after our father deserted us, my mind revisits some of those dark days. People often say we should not revisit our pasts, but that is easier said than done by someone who never experienced traumatic experiences in their childhood. We know God helps us endure those memories embedded in our minds.

My mother was determined to care for us, and worked many jobs to ensure we had food, clothing and shelter. This is what responsible parents who love their children do. Her love was shown not buying us expensive clothes, shoes, or what we asked. God provides us with food, clothing and shelter and allows us jobs to buy what we want.

Her lessons were meaningful to be productive and responsible people in a world that hated our skin tone. Living in Montgomery, Alabama there was very little a Black person could be shield from. Aww, the love of a mother is worth more than silver, gold and diamonds.

I saw her struggles and paid close attention to her rules and laws. I was not perfect, sometimes I misbehaved but overall, I understood and respected her wishes. I did everything in my life to make my mother proud, and the night before her funeral, I was told by her best friend Anna that my mother was very proud of me.


By God’s grace and guidance, I achieved my mother’s objectives for my life. I graduated college and have been working for the United States Federal Government for over thirty-five years. I became a responsible mother. All decisions I still make have my mother’s life in mind.

I share with you all the picture she took on the day I became Mrs. F. D. Woods. One of few days my mother’s joy overshadowed her sorrows.


Versatile Christian Blogger, wife of Minister Woods, mother of 3, grandmother of 3.

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