12 thoughts on “A cappella Friday (As The Deer)

  1. A beautiful song, and truth, for this Friday. Every time I’m walking in the woods, this song is in my heart and soul. 🎶✝️ God’s peace and healing to you, sweet sister.

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    1. Hello Karla, thank you so much for your comments. I love this song. I pray for your healing as well and hope you are feeling ok and enjoying those beautiful memories you made with your children and grandchildren.

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      1. It’s my blessing, Tangie. I’m so thankful for the technology to “see” them. They all will be here on Memorial weekend. I’m the meantime, I’ve had challenges that can only be “conquered “ with Christ! The radiation has given extreme mouth sores and inflammation. New things with each progressive treatment. But for God! I’m praying for continued healing in your hand and entire body, sweet sister. Always. 💕❤️✝️


      2. Amen “Conquered with Christ.” I hate to hear about your side effects of radiation. Keep doing what you are by holding on to God’s unchanging hands. Prayers always for you and your family, sweet Karla.

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