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Organic Authentic Spiritual Diet

After being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2016, Hypertension in 2021 and Diabetes in 2022, I made drastic diet changes through exercising and eating healthy organic foods and saturating my body with water for daily hydration.

I was assigned a dietitian and medical specialists monitored my conditions. I did not hesitate to follow their instructions to eradicate or slow down the progression of these diseases.

Can eliminating unhealthy foods help nourish our mind on the spiritual journey? Do we diligently implement organic authentic and spiritual diets with absorbing the word of God to eradicate and slow the progression of the deadliest disease sin? Are we hesitant to dine on organic fruits of the Spirit to keep the temple of the Holy Spirit and our soul from deteriorating (Galatians 5:22-26)?

I kept in step with my physicians’ recommendations and medical orders to reap great health rewards. The important question of the day is do we keep in step with the Spirit to feed our soul and reap the reward of eternity in Heaven (Galatians 5:25)?

We must do well caring for our bodies, but we must do the best caring for the salvation of our soul. We have all probably heard water is our lifeline and it is important to stay hydrated for overall health and wellbeing. Do you believe the blood of Jesus is our lifeline to communicate to God on our behalf? (1 Timothy 2:5)?

What are your thoughts about the word of God being a detox to rid our bodies of the lusts of the spirit sinful toxins. (Galatians 5:16-21)?


Pat, thank you for giving me the inspiration to write this blog.


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11 thoughts on “Organic Authentic Spiritual Diet

  1. As the temple of God we must nourish our soul with the word of God and our bodies with the healthiest of foods. When I was told I had diabetes two years ago the KETO diet turned it around, and it has now made me not diabetic Praise God!! Most diseases are from high inflammation in our bodies and Keto takes care of this. May God heal you and give you strength Always.

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    1. Recent medical visits revealed lower AIC. Hypertension is manageable (meds no longer needed) and endocrinologist saw no sign of chronic kidney disease. Praise God! Thank you, Julia, and may you continue to maintain your health.

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      1. Amen. Thank you for speaking on this subject as well. Our spiritual journey need from another love, prayers, support and encouragement. Have a wonderful day.

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