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Living In An Untamed World!

A tiger can be tame, but the tongue cannot (James 3:8). The pink tornado corrupts lives, congregations, starts wars, rumors of wars and many catastrophes. The tongue runs wild like a hungry tiger, a wanton killer, that preys and kills for enjoyment.

The tongue preys to ruin reputations fulfilling their devious minds with joy of causing someone to be prey for the devil. It is noted that tigers represent spiritual enlightenment, immense power and steadfast bravery.

We bless God with the same tongues we curse mankind He made in His image. We live in an untamed world of sin and hatred (1 John 4:19-21); and God is not pleased and perhaps again He regrets creating mankind.

Questions to Ponder

Are we spiritual enlightened when meditating on God’s Word? Are we steadfast in the faith wearing bravery to fulfill The Great Commission? (Matthew 28:16-20)


I would like to thank my niece, Christianna, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for sending me today’s blog photo and others for my new series of blogs on Spiritual Wildlife and Nature.


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