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A Personal Self-Reflection

Dictionary described the meaning of reflection as “A serious thought or consideration. Reflective people are people who reflect on things–that is, look back at things that have been done or said in order to think calmly and quietly about them.”

I did something last Sunday that disturbed me. I prayed to God for forgiveness and verbalized self-disappointment to my minister, who is also my husband. Some might deem my action as a nonserious spiritual offense, but it was serious to me and to the God that I serve.

What was the offense? A week ago, I was unprepared at home and was thirty minutes late for Sunday morning Bible Study. My husband left without me to be on time and rightly so–lead by example.

If Jesus had returned at that moment, Heaven would not be my home! Why? Jesus went to prepare a place for prepared people. I was unprepared! I had no legitimate reason for being late.

I started my career at 19 years old, and almost thirty-seven years later I am still a federal employee. If I was judged based on my timeliness, dedication and attendance and success in performing my duties on the secular job, Heaven would be my eternal home. I received awards, certificates, plaques, time-off, commendations and other accolades throughout the years.

Are on-the-job rules and timeliness viewed more important than being on time for worship services and Bible studies? Obedience, not paychecks or accolades from man, will save my soul from this wicked world.

Study Scriptures: John 14:2-4, Romans 12:2, Psalm 26:2-3, II Corinthians 13:5, I Corinthians 1:31, and other Scriptures


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5 thoughts on “A Personal Self-Reflection

  1. I am always amazed at people who come in late every week. I think we all probably have days when things happen and we may be late – but to be consistently late – I want to ask them if they came in late all at the time at work, what would happen? But my daughter, who is our pastor, says she is grateful they come – even if it is late. And I know my job is not to be judge of others. Still, it does bother me.


    1. I agree there will be few justifiable occasions where we could be delayed. Some forget their allegiance is to God, not mankind. In the Lord’s Body we should show more reverence to God than mankind. My husband started teaching last week’s Bible study on Attendance.


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