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Black Americans! Stop The Crimes!

Remember our ancestors and stop the violence in our communities. We have brilliant minds and our ancestors proved that with thousands of inventions that are used not only in America, but globally.

Do not wait for one thing to happen given Black opportunists chances to come out of their hidden shadows and protest using us to be thrown away like trash after their personal agendas have been met.

We are killing one another daily but opportunists do not give a second thought nor do Black Lives Matter to them. If we matter, why are they not in communities daily protesting and working with honest efforts to help make changes despite fewer obstacles than our ancestors.

If Black Lives Matter, we should show it to one another. We should lift up one another, not beat each other down. Let Us Live, Let Us Love!

How can we expect love from others when we show no love for one another? There is too much work that still needs to be done, but it will not be accomplished siting on sidelines watching crimes being committed as the days go by. If our ancestors achieved much under extreme times, we could surely succeed today.

Turn negativity into positivity. Love self to love others! Stop the violence.


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  1. nfortunately, violence grows as social inequality grows. It is easy to manage a mass of people who have many needs and promise to get them out of their situation. A good article worth taking into account for reflection. Greetings
    Manuel Angel

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