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Is Anything Sacred Anymore?

“Worship changes the worshiper into the image of the One worshiped.” –Jack Hayford

Is there anything sacred anyone? What about worship to God? Is it Christ-centered or self-centered? Are we worshiping God in spirit and in truth, or from our emotions? Do we respond to the preacher or the word of God? Do we have a daily intimate relationship with God?

Does the word of God transform us or are we upset with the preacher for His God inspired sermons without sugar coating and not entertaining our feelings? I think sometimes we put too much emphasis on caring how others feel about us instead of how God feels about our salvation.

My husband asked the question in yesterday’s sermon is there anything sacred anymore? We must have serious thoughts and honest self-examinations when answering questions. What are our minds focused on during worship? Are we thinking about the minister ending his God inspired sermon?

Are thinking about where we are going to eat after worship, our bills, our health and jobs, or our children, friends, families or our God? Do we harbor hatred for our brothers, sisters or the minister?

Do we uphold one another in wrongdoing, or biblically correct them? Do we allow ourselves to be biblically corrected? During worship service do we walk unnecessarily, talk, tear out checks, look around, contemptuously look at our brothers and sisters, text or wish we were home in bed, or wonder if the crockpot was turned off?

How easy is it for us to be distracted? I am well over fifty years old and will not forget lessons learned from my childhood. The most memorable one is the “church” building and even graveyards were sacred places to respect. It was expected the moment we walked onto the building property we were to be quiet, go inside and sit down to prepare our minds to worship God.

One day I decided to talk to one of my friends during service and my grandmother kindly asked me to be quiet, but I had to finish my sentence and whispered the last few words to my friend. This was the time when adults did not repeat themselves. My grandmother grabbed a small section of skin under my arm and gave it a twist. It was painful and I was embarrassed.

However, I am thankful to have learn the importance of worshiping as a child and the respect and love that must be given and shown to God while maintaining a Heart of Worship not only on Sunday, but every minute God allows us to live.


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5 thoughts on “Is Anything Sacred Anymore?

  1. Tangie, this is so beautiful and true. The question your husband asked was a topic of conversation between a friend and I recently. He, and you, are sharing the truth. My grandfather, if alive would be 112, was a preacher. He literally scared he’ll right out of me, ha ha, but Tangie, I learned at a young age what sacred was, respect for the WORD, who delivered it, and for others. Grandma, and my Mom, made sure my twin sister (and older sister) showed respect. The church is sacred to me. My youngest son once, when I had to take him out of service, turned to the congregation and yelled, “Pray for me!” Everyone laughed. But the point being, he learned. I truly want to be FOCUSED on Christ during worship and prayer. I’m finding a new church home since my move. Sadly, my disease keeps me homebound more than I want. Sacred, as you so eloquently shared, is a heart issue. I don’t want to be distracted by bills, life, questioning,…I pray for my Lord to consume my entire being. May we find sacred. You’re such a wonderful messenger of Christ! Thank you for sharing this so I can use this wisdom and be reminded of all that is sacred. Happy Holy Week, dear friend and sister. ❤️🙏🏻

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    1. Hi Karla, thank you for sharing your comments and experience. Preaching Hell out of us is exactly what God wants so we can spend eternity with Him. It seems like people want to feel good sermons these days and not what will get us from earth to glory. When I am on my secular job, I am totally focused on what is expected of me so how much more does God expect and deserve–TOTAL SURRENDER for the salvation of soul. I am with you about not wanting to be distracted by everyday circumstances. If I should die at any moment, I want my soul to be ready for the second coming of Jesus. Happy Holy Week and you are always in my thoughts and prayers. God understands your situation as to being homebound, but your heart is where is needs to be in His eyesight.

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