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Detailed List of Black American Politicians (All States from 1869 to Present)

Black-American Members by Congress

This table is based on information drawn from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Within each Congress, Representatives and Senators are listed in alphabetical order.

CongressNameState or TerritoryPartyService
41st (1869-1871)
41st (1869-1871)LONG, Jefferson Franklin 1GARepublicanHouse
41st (1869-1871)RAINEY, Joseph Hayne 2SCRepublicanHouse
41st (1869-1871)REVELS, Hiram Rhodes 3MSRepublicanSenate
42nd (1871-1873)
42nd (1871-1873)DE LARGE, Robert Carlos 4SCRepublicanHouse
42nd (1871-1873)ELLIOTT, Robert BrownSCRepublicanHouse
42nd (1871-1873)RAINEY, Joseph HayneSCRepublicanHouse
42nd (1871-1873)TURNER, Benjamin SterlingALRepublicanHouse
42nd (1871-1873)WALLS, Josiah Thomas 5FLRepublicanHouse
43rd (1873-1875)
43rd (1873-1875)CAIN, Richard HarveySCRepublicanHouse
43rd (1873-1875)ELLIOTT, Robert Brown 6SCRepublicanHouse
43rd (1873-1875)LYNCH, John RoyMSRepublicanHouse
43rd (1873-1875)RAINEY, Joseph HayneSCRepublicanHouse
43rd (1873-1875)RANSIER, Alonzo JacobSCRepublicanHouse
43rd (1873-1875)RAPIER, James ThomasALRepublicanHouse
43rd (1873-1875)WALLS, Josiah ThomasFLRepublicanHouse
44th (1875-1877)
44th (1875-1877)BRUCE, Blanche KelsoMSRepublicanSenate
44th (1875-1877)HARALSON, JeremiahALRepublicanHouse
44th (1875-1877)HYMAN, John AdamsNCRepublicanHouse
44th (1875-1877)LYNCH, John RoyMSRepublicanHouse
44th (1875-1877)NASH, Charles EdmundLARepublicanHouse
44th (1875-1877)RAINEY, Joseph HayneSCRepublicanHouse
44th (1875-1877)SMALLS, RobertSCRepublicanHouse
44th (1875-1877)WALLS, Josiah Thomas 7FLRepublicanHouse
45th (1877-1879)
45th (1877-1879)BRUCE, Blanche KelsoMSRepublicanSenate
45th (1877-1879)CAIN, Richard HarveySCRepublicanHouse
45th (1877-1879)RAINEY, Joseph HayneSCRepublicanHouse
45th (1877-1879)SMALLS, RobertSCRepublicanHouse
46th (1879-1881)
46th (1879-1881)BRUCE, Blanche KelsoMSRepublicanSenate
47th (1881-1883)
47th (1881-1883)LYNCH, John Roy 8MSRepublicanHouse
47th (1881-1883)SMALLS, Robert 9SCRepublicanHouse
48th (1883-1885)
48th (1883-1885)O’HARA, James EdwardNCRepublicanHouse
48th (1883-1885)SMALLS, Robert 10SCRepublicanHouse
49th (1885-1887)
49th (1885-1887)O’HARA, James EdwardNCRepublicanHouse
49th (1885-1887)SMALLS, RobertSCRepublicanHouse
51st (1889-1891)
51st (1889-1891)CHEATHAM, Henry PlummerNCRepublicanHouse
51st (1889-1891)LANGSTON, John Mercer 11VARepublicanHouse
51st (1889-1891)MILLER, Thomas Ezekiel 12SCRepublicanHouse
52nd (1891-1893)
52nd (1891-1893)CHEATHAM, Henry PlummerNCRepublicanHouse
53rd (1893-1895)
53rd (1893-1895)MURRAY, George WashingtonSCRepublicanHouse
54th (1895-1897)
54th (1895-1897)MURRAY, George Washington 13SCRepublicanHouse
55th (1897-1899)
55th (1897-1899)WHITE, George HenryNCRepublicanHouse
56th (1899-1901)
56th (1899-1901)WHITE, George HenryNCRepublicanHouse
71st (1929-1931)
71st (1929-1931)DE PRIEST, Oscar StantonILRepublicanHouse
72nd (1931-1933)
72nd (1931-1933)DE PRIEST, Oscar StantonILRepublicanHouse
73rd (1933-1935)
73rd (1933-1935)DE PRIEST, Oscar StantonILRepublicanHouse
74th (1935-1937)
74th (1935-1937)MITCHELL, Arthur WergsILDemocratHouse
75th (1937-1939)
75th (1937-1939)MITCHELL, Arthur WergsILDemocratHouse
76th (1939-1941)
76th (1939-1941)MITCHELL, Arthur WergsILDemocratHouse
77th (1941-1943)
77th (1941-1943)MITCHELL, Arthur WergsILDemocratHouse
78th (1943-1945)
78th (1943-1945)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
79th (1945-1947)
79th (1945-1947)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
79th (1945-1947)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
80th (1947-1949)
80th (1947-1949)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
80th (1947-1949)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
81st (1949-1951)
81st (1949-1951)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
81st (1949-1951)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
82nd (1951-1953)
82nd (1951-1953)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
82nd (1951-1953)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
83rd (1953-1955)
83rd (1953-1955)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
83rd (1953-1955)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
84th (1955-1957)
84th (1955-1957)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
84th (1955-1957)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
84th (1955-1957)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
85th (1957-1959)
85th (1957-1959)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
85th (1957-1959)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
85th (1957-1959)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr. 14PADemocratHouse
85th (1957-1959)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
86th (1959-1961)
86th (1959-1961)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
86th (1959-1961)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
86th (1959-1961)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr.PADemocratHouse
86th (1959-1961)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
87th (1961-1963)
87th (1961-1963)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
87th (1961-1963)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
87th (1961-1963)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr.PADemocratHouse
87th (1961-1963)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
88th (1963-1965)
88th (1963-1965)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
88th (1963-1965)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
88th (1963-1965)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
88th (1963-1965)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr.PADemocratHouse
88th (1963-1965)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
89th (1965-1967)
89th (1965-1967)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
89th (1965-1967)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
89th (1965-1967)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
89th (1965-1967)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
89th (1965-1967)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr.PADemocratHouse
89th (1965-1967)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
90th (1967-1969)
90th (1967-1969)BROOKE, Edward William, IIIMARepublicanSenate
90th (1967-1969)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
90th (1967-1969)DAWSON, William LeviILDemocratHouse
90th (1967-1969)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
90th (1967-1969)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
90th (1967-1969)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr.PADemocratHouse
91st (1969-1971)
91st (1969-1971)BROOKE, Edward William, IIIMARepublicanSenate
91st (1969-1971)CHISHOLM, Shirley AnitaNYDemocratHouse
91st (1969-1971)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
91st (1969-1971)COLLINS, George Washington 15ILDemocratHouse
91st (1969-1971)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
91st (1969-1971)DAWSON, William Levi 16ILDemocratHouse
91st (1969-1971)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
91st (1969-1971)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
91st (1969-1971)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr.PADemocratHouse
91st (1969-1971)POWELL, Adam Clayton, Jr.NYDemocratHouse
91st (1969-1971)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)
92nd (1971-1973)BROOKE, Edward William, IIIMARepublicanSenate
92nd (1971-1973)CHISHOLM, Shirley AnitaNYDemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)COLLINS, George Washington 17ILDemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)FAUNTROY, Walter Edward 18DCDemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)METCALFE, Ralph HaroldILDemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)MITCHELL, Parren JamesMDDemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr.PADemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
92nd (1971-1973)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)
93rd (1973-1975)BROOKE, Edward William, IIIMARepublicanSenate
93rd (1973-1975)BURKE, Yvonne BrathwaiteCADemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)CHISHOLM, Shirley AnitaNYDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)COLLINS, Cardiss 19ILDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)FAUNTROY, Walter EdwardDCDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)JORDAN, Barbara CharlineTXDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)METCALFE, Ralph HaroldILDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)MITCHELL, Parren JamesMDDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr.PADemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
93rd (1973-1975)YOUNG, Andrew Jackson, Jr.GADemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)
94th (1975-1977)BROOKE, Edward William, IIIMARepublicanSenate
94th (1975-1977)BURKE, Yvonne BrathwaiteCADemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)CHISHOLM, Shirley AnitaNYDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)FAUNTROY, Walter EdwardDCDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)JORDAN, Barbara CharlineTXDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)METCALFE, Ralph HaroldILDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)MITCHELL, Parren JamesMDDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr.PADemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
94th (1975-1977)YOUNG, Andrew Jackson, Jr.GADemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)
95th (1977-1979)BROOKE, Edward William, IIIMARepublicanSenate
95th (1977-1979)BURKE, Yvonne BrathwaiteCADemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)CHISHOLM, Shirley AnitaNYDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)FAUNTROY, Walter EdwardDCDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)JORDAN, Barbara CharlineTXDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)METCALFE, Ralph Harold 20ILDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)MITCHELL, Parren JamesMDDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)NIX, Robert Nelson Cornelius, Sr.PADemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
95th (1977-1979)YOUNG, Andrew Jackson, Jr. 21GADemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)
96th (1979-1981)CHISHOLM, Shirley AnitaNYDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)CROCKETT, George William, Jr. 22MIDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)DIGGS, Charles Coles, Jr. 23MIDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)DIXON, Julian CareyCADemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)EVANS, Melvin HerbertVIRepublicanHouse
96th (1979-1981)FAUNTROY, Walter EdwardDCDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)GRAY, William Herbert, IIIPADemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)LELAND, George Thomas (Mickey)TXDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)MITCHELL, Parren JamesMDDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)STEWART, Bennett McVeyILDemocratHouse
96th (1979-1981)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)
97th (1981-1983)CHISHOLM, Shirley AnitaNYDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)CROCKETT, George William, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)DIXON, Julian CareyCADemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)DYMALLY, Mervyn MalcolmCADemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)FAUNTROY, Walter EdwardDCDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)GRAY, William Herbert, IIIPADemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)HALL, Katie Beatrice 24INDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)LELAND, George Thomas (Mickey)TXDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)MITCHELL, Parren JamesMDDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)SAVAGE, GusILDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
97th (1981-1983)WASHINGTON, HaroldILDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)
98th (1983-1985)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)CROCKETT, George William, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)DIXON, Julian CareyCADemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)DYMALLY, Mervyn MalcolmCADemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)FAUNTROY, Walter EdwardDCDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)GRAY, William Herbert, IIIPADemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)HALL, Katie BeatriceINDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)HAYES, Charles Arthur 25ILDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)LELAND, George Thomas (Mickey)TXDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)MITCHELL, Parren JamesMDDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)SAVAGE, GusILDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)WASHINGTON, Harold 26ILDemocratHouse
98th (1983-1985)WHEAT, Alan DupreeMODemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)
99th (1985-1987)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)CROCKETT, George William, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)DIXON, Julian CareyCADemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)DYMALLY, Mervyn MalcolmCADemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)FAUNTROY, Walter EdwardDCDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)GRAY, William Herbert, IIIPADemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)HAYES, Charles ArthurILDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)LELAND, George Thomas (Mickey)TXDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)MITCHELL, Parren JamesMDDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)SAVAGE, GusILDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)WALDON, Alton R., Jr. 27NYDemocratHouse
99th (1985-1987)WHEAT, Alan DupreeMODemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)
100th (1987-1989)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)CROCKETT, George William, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)DIXON, Julian CareyCADemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)DYMALLY, Mervyn MalcolmCADemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)ESPY, Alphonso Michael (Mike)MSDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)FAUNTROY, Walter EdwardDCDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)FLAKE, Floyd HaroldNYDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)GRAY, William Herbert, IIIPADemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)HAYES, Charles ArthurILDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)LELAND, George Thomas (Mickey)TXDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)MFUME, KweisiMDDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)SAVAGE, GusILDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
100th (1987-1989)WHEAT, Alan DupreeMODemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)
101st (1989-1991)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)CROCKETT, George William, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)DIXON, Julian CareyCADemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)DYMALLY, Mervyn MalcolmCADemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)ESPY, Alphonso Michael (Mike)MSDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)FAUNTROY, Walter EdwardDCDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)FLAKE, Floyd HaroldNYDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)GRAY, William Herbert, IIIPADemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)HAWKINS, Augustus Freeman (Gus)CADemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)HAYES, Charles ArthurILDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)LELAND, George Thomas (Mickey) 28TXDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)MFUME, KweisiMDDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)SAVAGE, GusILDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)WASHINGTON, Craig Anthony 29TXDemocratHouse
101st (1989-1991)WHEAT, Alan DupreeMODemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)
102nd (1991-1993)BLACKWELL, Lucien Edward 30PADemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)CLAYTON, Eva M. 31NCDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)COLLINS, Barbara-RoseMIDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)DIXON, Julian CareyCADemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)DYMALLY, Mervyn MalcolmCADemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)ESPY, Alphonso Michael (Mike)MSDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)FLAKE, Floyd HaroldNYDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)FRANKS, Gary A.CTRepublicanHouse
102nd (1991-1993)GRAY, William Herbert, III 32PADemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)HAYES, Charles ArthurILDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)JEFFERSON, William JenningsLADemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)MFUME, KweisiMDDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)SAVAGE, GusILDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)WASHINGTON, Craig AnthonyTXDemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
102nd (1991-1993)WHEAT, Alan DupreeMODemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)
103rd (1993-1995)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)BLACKWELL, Lucien EdwardPADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)CLAYTON, Eva M.NCDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)COLLINS, Barbara-RoseMIDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)DIXON, Julian CareyCADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)ESPY, Alphonso Michael (Mike) 33MSDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)FIELDS, CleoLADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)FLAKE, Floyd HaroldNYDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)FRANKS, Gary A.CTRepublicanHouse
103rd (1993-1995)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)HILLIARD, Earl FrederickALDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)JEFFERSON, William JenningsLADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)MCKINNEY, Cynthia AnnGADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)MEEK, Carrie P.FLDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)MFUME, KweisiMDDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)MOSELEY BRAUN, CarolILDemocratSenate
103rd (1993-1995)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)REYNOLDS, MelILDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)THOMPSON, Bennie 34MSDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)TUCKER, Walter R., IIICADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)WASHINGTON, Craig AnthonyTXDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)WATT, Melvin L.NCDemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)WHEAT, Alan DupreeMODemocratHouse
103rd (1993-1995)WYNN, Albert RussellMDDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)
104th (1995-1997)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)CLAYTON, Eva M.NCDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)COLLINS, Barbara-RoseMIDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)COLLINS, CardissILDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)CUMMINGS, Elijah Eugene 35MDDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)DELLUMS, Ronald V.CADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)DIXON, Julian CareyCADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)FATTAH, ChakaPADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)FIELDS, CleoLADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)FLAKE, Floyd HaroldNYDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)FORD, Harold EugeneTNDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)FRANKS, Gary A.CTRepublicanHouse
104th (1995-1997)FRAZER, Victor O.VIIndependentHouse
104th (1995-1997)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)HILLIARD, Earl FrederickALDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)JACKSON, Jesse L., Jr. 36ILDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)JEFFERSON, William JenningsLADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)MCKINNEY, Cynthia AnnGADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)MEEK, Carrie P.FLDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)MFUME, Kweisi 37MDDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)MILLENDER-MCDONALD, Juanita 38CADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)MOSELEY BRAUN, CarolILDemocratSenate
104th (1995-1997)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)REYNOLDS, Mel 39ILDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)TUCKER, Walter R., III 40CADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)WATT, Melvin L.NCDemocratHouse
104th (1995-1997)WATTS, Julius Caesar, Jr. (J. C.)OKRepublicanHouse
104th (1995-1997)WYNN, Albert RussellMDDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)
105th (1997-1999)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)CARSON, Julia MayINDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)CHRISTENSEN, Donna Marie 41VIDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)CLAYTON, Eva M.NCDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)DELLUMS, Ronald V. 42CADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)DIXON, Julian CareyCADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)FATTAH, ChakaPADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)FLAKE, Floyd Harold 43NYDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)FORD, Harold, Jr.TNDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)HILLIARD, Earl FrederickALDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)JACKSON, Jesse L., Jr.ILDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)JEFFERSON, William JenningsLADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)KILPATRICK, Carolyn CheeksMIDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)LEE, Barbara 44CADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)MCKINNEY, Cynthia AnnGADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)MEEK, Carrie P.FLDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)MEEKS, Gregory W. 45NYDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)MILLENDER-MCDONALD, JuanitaCADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)MOSELEY BRAUN, CarolILDemocratSenate
105th (1997-1999)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)STOKES, LouisOHDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)WATT, Melvin L.NCDemocratHouse
105th (1997-1999)WATTS, Julius Caesar, Jr. (J. C.)OKRepublicanHouse
105th (1997-1999)WYNN, Albert RussellMDDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)
106th (1999-2001)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)CARSON, Julia MayINDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)CHRISTENSEN, Donna MarieVIDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)CLAY, William Lacy, Sr.MODemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)CLAYTON, Eva M.NCDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)DIXON, Julian Carey 46CADemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)FATTAH, ChakaPADemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)FORD, Harold, Jr.TNDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)HILLIARD, Earl FrederickALDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)JACKSON, Jesse L., Jr.ILDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)JEFFERSON, William JenningsLADemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)JONES, Stephanie TubbsOHDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)KILPATRICK, Carolyn CheeksMIDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)MCKINNEY, Cynthia AnnGADemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)MEEK, Carrie P.FLDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)MILLENDER-MCDONALD, JuanitaCADemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)WATT, Melvin L.NCDemocratHouse
106th (1999-2001)WATTS, Julius Caesar, Jr. (J. C.)OKRepublicanHouse
106th (1999-2001)WYNN, Albert RussellMDDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)
107th (2001-2003)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)CARSON, Julia MayINDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)CHRISTENSEN, Donna MarieVIDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)CLAY, William Lacy, Jr.MODemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)CLAYTON, Eva M.NCDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)FATTAH, ChakaPADemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)FORD, Harold, Jr.TNDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)HILLIARD, Earl FrederickALDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)JACKSON, Jesse L., Jr.ILDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)JEFFERSON, William JenningsLADemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)JONES, Stephanie TubbsOHDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)KILPATRICK, Carolyn CheeksMIDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)MCKINNEY, Cynthia AnnGADemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)MEEK, Carrie P.FLDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)MILLENDER-MCDONALD, JuanitaCADemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)WATSON, Diane Edith 47CADemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)WATT, Melvin L.NCDemocratHouse
107th (2001-2003)WATTS, Julius Caesar, Jr. (J. C.)OKRepublicanHouse
107th (2001-2003)WYNN, Albert RussellMDDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)
108th (2003-2005)BALLANCE, Frank W., Jr. 48NCDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr. 49NCDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)CARSON, Julia MayINDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)CHRISTENSEN, Donna MarieVIDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)CLAY, William Lacy, Jr.MODemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)DAVIS, ArturALDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)FATTAH, ChakaPADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)FORD, Harold, Jr.TNDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)JACKSON, Jesse L., Jr.ILDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)JEFFERSON, William JenningsLADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)JONES, Stephanie TubbsOHDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)KILPATRICK, Carolyn CheeksMIDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)MAJETTE, Denise L.GADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)MEEK, Kendrick B.FLDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)MILLENDER-MCDONALD, JuanitaCADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)WATSON, Diane EdithCADemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)WATT, Melvin L.NCDemocratHouse
108th (2003-2005)WYNN, Albert RussellMDDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)
109th (2005-2007)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr.NCDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)CARSON, Julia MayINDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)CHRISTENSEN, Donna MarieVIDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)CLAY, William Lacy, Jr.MODemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)CLEAVER, Emanuel, IIMODemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)DAVIS, ArturALDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)FATTAH, ChakaPADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)FORD, Harold, Jr.TNDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)GREEN, AlTXDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)JACKSON, Jesse L., Jr.ILDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)JEFFERSON, William JenningsLADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)JONES, Stephanie TubbsOHDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)KILPATRICK, Carolyn CheeksMIDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)MCKINNEY, Cynthia AnnGADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)MEEK, Kendrick B.FLDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)MILLENDER-MCDONALD, JuanitaCADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen)WIDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)OBAMA, BarackILDemocratSenate
109th (2005-2007)OWENS, Major Robert OdellNYDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)WATSON, Diane EdithCADemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)WATT, Melvin L.NCDemocratHouse
109th (2005-2007)WYNN, Albert RussellMDDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)
110th (2007-2009)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr.NCDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)CARSON, André 50INDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)CARSON, Julia May 51INDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)CHRISTENSEN, Donna MarieVIDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)CLARKE, Yvette DianeNYDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)CLAY, William Lacy, Jr.MODemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)CLEAVER, Emanuel, IIMODemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)DAVIS, ArturALDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)EDWARDS, Donna F. 52MDDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)ELLISON, KeithMNDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)FATTAH, ChakaPADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)FUDGE, Marcia L. 53OHDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)GREEN, AlTXDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)JACKSON, Jesse L., Jr.ILDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)JEFFERSON, William JenningsLADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)JOHNSON, HankGADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)JONES, Stephanie Tubbs 54OHDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)KILPATRICK, Carolyn CheeksMIDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)MEEK, Kendrick B.FLDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)MILLENDER-MCDONALD, Juanita 55CADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen)WIDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)OBAMA, Barack 56ILDemocratSenate
110th (2007-2009)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)RICHARDSON, Laura 57CADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)WATSON, Diane EdithCADemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)WATT, Melvin L.NCDemocratHouse
110th (2007-2009)WYNN, Albert Russell 58MDDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)
111th (2009-2011)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)BURRIS, Roland 59ILDemocratSenate
111th (2009-2011)BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr.NCDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)CARSON, AndréINDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)CHRISTENSEN, Donna MarieVIDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)CLARKE, Yvette DianeNYDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)CLAY, William Lacy, Jr.MODemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)CLEAVER, Emanuel, IIMODemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)DAVIS, ArturALDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)EDWARDS, Donna F.MDDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)ELLISON, KeithMNDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)FATTAH, ChakaPADemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)FUDGE, Marcia L.OHDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)GREEN, AlTXDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)JACKSON, Jesse L., Jr.ILDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)JOHNSON, HankGADemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)KILPATRICK, Carolyn CheeksMIDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)MEEK, Kendrick B.FLDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen)WIDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)PAYNE, Donald MilfordNJDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)RICHARDSON, LauraCADemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)WATSON, Diane EdithCADemocratHouse
111th (2009-2011)WATT, Melvin L.NCDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)
112th (2011-2013)BASS, KarenCADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr.NCDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)CARSON, AndréINDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)CHRISTENSEN, Donna MarieVIDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)CLARKE, HansenMIDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)CLARKE, Yvette DianeNYDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)CLAY, William Lacy, Jr.MODemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)CLEAVER, Emanuel, IIMODemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)EDWARDS, Donna F.MDDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)ELLISON, KeithMNDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)FATTAH, ChakaPADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)FUDGE, Marcia L.OHDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)GREEN, AlTXDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)JACKSON, Jesse L., Jr. 60ILDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)JOHNSON, HankGADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen)WIDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)PAYNE, Donald Milford 61NJDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)PAYNE, Donald, Jr. 62NJDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)RICHARDSON, LauraCADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)RICHMOND, CedricLADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)SCOTT, Tim 63SCRepublicanHouse
112th (2011-2013)SEWELL, TerriALDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)TOWNS, EdolphusNYDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)WATT, Melvin L.NCDemocratHouse
112th (2011-2013)WEST, AllenFLRepublicanHouse
112th (2011-2013)WILSON, FredericaFLDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)
113th (2013-2015)ADAMS, Alma 64NCDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)BASS, KarenCADemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)BEATTY, JoyceOHDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)BOOKER, Cory Anthony 65NJDemocratSenate
113th (2013-2015)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr.NCDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)CARSON, AndréINDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)CHRISTENSEN, Donna MarieVIDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)CLARKE, Yvette DianeNYDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)CLAY, William Lacy, Jr.MODemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)CLEAVER, Emanuel, IIMODemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)COWAN, William (Mo) 66MADemocratSenate
113th (2013-2015)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)EDWARDS, Donna F.MDDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)ELLISON, KeithMNDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)FATTAH, ChakaPADemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)FUDGE, Marcia L.OHDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)GREEN, AlTXDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)HORSFORD, StevenNVDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)JEFFRIES, HakeemNYDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)JOHNSON, HankGADemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)KELLY, Robin L. 67ILDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen)WIDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)PAYNE, Donald, Jr.NJDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)RICHMOND, CedricLADemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)SCOTT, TimSCRepublicanSenate
113th (2013-2015)SEWELL, TerriALDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)VEASEY, MarcTXDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)WATT, Melvin L. 68NCDemocratHouse
113th (2013-2015)WILSON, FredericaFLDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)
114th (2015-2017)ADAMS, AlmaNCDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)BASS, KarenCADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)BEATTY, JoyceOHDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)BOOKER, Cory AnthonyNJDemocratSenate
114th (2015-2017)BROWN, CorrineFLDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr.NCDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)CARSON, AndréINDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)CLARKE, Yvette DianeNYDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)CLAY, William Lacy, Jr.MODemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)CLEAVER, Emanuel, IIMODemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)CONYERS, John, Jr.MIDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)EDWARDS, Donna F.MDDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)ELLISON, KeithMNDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)EVANS, Dwight 69PADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)FATTAH, Chaka 70PADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)FUDGE, Marcia L.OHDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)GREEN, AlTXDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)HURD, William BallardTXRepublicanHouse
114th (2015-2017)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)JEFFRIES, HakeemNYDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)JOHNSON, HankGADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)KELLY, Robin L.ILDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)LAWRENCE, Brenda L.MIDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)LOVE, Ludmya Bourdeau (Mia)UTRepublicanHouse
114th (2015-2017)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen)WIDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)PAYNE, Donald, Jr.NJDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)PLASKETT, Stacey E.VIDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)RANGEL, Charles B.NYDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)RICHMOND, CedricLADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)SCOTT, TimSCRepublicanSenate
114th (2015-2017)SEWELL, TerriALDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)VEASEY, MarcTXDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)WATSON COLEMAN, BonnieNJDemocratHouse
114th (2015-2017)WILSON, FredericaFLDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)
115th (2017-2019)ADAMS, AlmaNCDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)BASS, KarenCADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)BEATTY, JoyceOHDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)BLUNT ROCHESTER, LisaDEDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)BOOKER, Cory AnthonyNJDemocratSenate
115th (2017-2019)BROWN, Anthony GregoryMDDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr.NCDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)CARSON, AndréINDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)CLARKE, Yvette DianeNYDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)CLAY, William Lacy, Jr.MODemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)CLEAVER, Emanuel, IIMODemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)CONYERS, John, Jr. 71MIDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)CUMMINGS, Elijah EugeneMDDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)DEMINGS, ValdezFLDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)ELLISON, KeithMNDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)EVANS, DwightPADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)FUDGE, Marcia L.OHDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)GREEN, AlTXDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)HARRIS, Kamala DeviCADemocratSenate
115th (2017-2019)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)HURD, William BallardTXRepublicanHouse
115th (2017-2019)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)JEFFRIES, HakeemNYDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)JOHNSON, HankGADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)JONES, Brenda 72MIDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)KELLY, Robin L.ILDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)LAWRENCE, Brenda L.MIDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)LAWSON, Alfred, Jr.FLDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)LEWIS, John R.GADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)LOVE, Ludmya Bourdeau (Mia)UTRepublicanHouse
115th (2017-2019)MCEACHIN, Aston DonaldVADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen)WIDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)PAYNE, Donald, Jr.NJDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)PLASKETT, Stacey E.VIDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)RICHMOND, CedricLADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)SCOTT, TimSCRepublicanSenate
115th (2017-2019)SEWELL, TerriALDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)VEASEY, MarcTXDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)WATSON COLEMAN, BonnieNJDemocratHouse
115th (2017-2019)WILSON, FredericaFLDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)
116th (2019-2021)ADAMS, AlmaNCDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)ALLRED, ColinTXDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)BASS, KarenCADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)BEATTY, JoyceOHDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)BLUNT ROCHESTER, LisaDEDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)BOOKER, Cory AnthonyNJDemocratSenate
116th (2019-2021)BROWN, Anthony GregoryMDDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr.NCDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)CARSON, AndréINDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)CLARKE, Yvette DianeNYDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)CLAY, William Lacy, Jr.MODemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)CLEAVER, Emanuel, IIMODemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)CUMMINGS, Elijah Eugene 73MDDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)DELGADO, AntonioNYDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)DEMINGS, ValdezFLDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)EVANS, DwightPADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)FUDGE, Marcia L.OHDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)GREEN, AlTXDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)HALL, Kwanza 74GADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)HARRIS, Kamala DeviCADemocratSenate
116th (2019-2021)HASTINGS, Alcee LamarFLDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)HAYES, JahanaCTDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)HORSFORD, StevenNVDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)HURD, William BallardTXRepublicanHouse
116th (2019-2021)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)JEFFRIES, HakeemNYDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)JOHNSON, HankGADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)KELLY, Robin L.ILDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)LAWRENCE, Brenda L.MIDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)LAWSON, Alfred, Jr.FLDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)LEWIS, John R. 75GADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)MCBATH, LucyGADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)MCEACHIN, Aston DonaldVADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)MFUME, Kweisi 76MDDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen)WIDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)NEGUSE, JosephCODemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)OMAR, IlhanMNDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)PAYNE, Donald, Jr.NJDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)PLASKETT, Stacey E.VIDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)PRESSLEY, AyannaMADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)RICHMOND, CedricLADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)SCOTT, TimSCRepublicanSenate
116th (2019-2021)SEWELL, TerriALDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)UNDERWOOD, LaurenILDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)VEASEY, MarcTXDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)WATSON COLEMAN, BonnieNJDemocratHouse
116th (2019-2021)WILSON, FredericaFLDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)
117th (2021-2023)ADAMS, AlmaNCDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)ALLRED, ColinTXDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)BASS, KarenCADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)BEATTY, JoyceOHDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)BLUNT ROCHESTER, LisaDEDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)BOOKER, Cory AnthonyNJDemocratSenate
117th (2021-2023)BOWMAN, JamaalNYDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)BROWN, Anthony GregoryMDDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)BROWN, Shontel M. 77OHDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)BUSH, CoriMODemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)BUTTERFIELD, George Kenneth (G.K.), Jr. 78NCDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)CARSON, AndréINDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)CARTER, Troy 79LADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)CHERFILUS-MCCORMICK, Sheila 80FLDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)CLARKE, Yvette DianeNYDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)CLEAVER, Emanuel, IIMODemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)DELGADO, Antonio 81NYDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)DEMINGS, ValdezFLDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)DONALDS, ByronFLRepublicanHouse
117th (2021-2023)EVANS, DwightPADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)FUDGE, Marcia L. 82OHDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)GREEN, AlTXDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)HARRIS, Kamala Devi 83CADemocratSenate
117th (2021-2023)HASTINGS, Alcee Lamar 84FLDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)HAYES, JahanaCTDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)HORSFORD, StevenNVDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)JEFFRIES, HakeemNYDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)JOHNSON, Eddie BerniceTXDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)JOHNSON, HankGADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)JONES, MondaireNYDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)KELLY, Robin L.ILDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)LAWRENCE, Brenda L.MIDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)LAWSON, Alfred, Jr.FLDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)MCBATH, LucyGADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)MCEACHIN, Aston Donald 85VADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)MFUME, KweisiMDDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen)WIDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)NEGUSE, JosephCODemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)OMAR, IlhanMNDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)OWENS, BurgessUTRepublicanHouse
117th (2021-2023)PAYNE, Donald, Jr.NJDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)PLASKETT, Stacey E.VIDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)PRESSLEY, AyannaMADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)RICHMOND, Cedric 86LADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)RUSH, Bobby L.ILDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)SCOTT, TimSCRepublicanSenate
117th (2021-2023)SEWELL, TerriALDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)STRICKLAND, MarilynWADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)TORRES, RitchieNYDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)UNDERWOOD, LaurenILDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)VEASEY, MarcTXDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)WARNOCK, Raphael Gamaliel 87GADemocratSenate
117th (2021-2023)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)WATSON COLEMAN, BonnieNJDemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)WILLIAMS, NikemaGADemocratHouse
117th (2021-2023)WILSON, FredericaFLDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)
118th (2023-2025)ADAMS, AlmaNCDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)ALLRED, ColinTXDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)BEATTY, JoyceOHDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)BISHOP, Sanford Dixon, Jr.GADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)BLUNT ROCHESTER, LisaDEDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)BOOKER, Cory AnthonyNJDemocratSenate
118th (2023-2025)BOWMAN, JamaalNYDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)BROWN, Shontel M.OHDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)BUSH, CoriMODemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)CARSON, AndréINDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)CARTER, TroyLADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)CHERFILUS-MCCORMICK, SheilaFLDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)CLARKE, Yvette DianeNYDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)CLEAVER, Emanuel, IIMODemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)CLYBURN, James EnosSCDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)CROCKETT, JasmineTXDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)DAVIS, Danny K.ILDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)DAVIS, DonNCDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)DONALDS, ByronFLRepublicanHouse
118th (2023-2025)EVANS, DwightPADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)FOUSHEE, ValerieNCDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)FROST, MaxwellFLDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)GREEN, AlTXDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)HAYES, JahanaCTDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)HORSFORD, StevenNVDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)HUNT, WesleyTXRepublicanHouse
118th (2023-2025)IVEY, GlennMDDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)JACKSON, JonathanILDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)JACKSON LEE, SheilaTXDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)JAMES, JohnMIRepublicanHouse
118th (2023-2025)JEFFRIES, HakeemNYDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)JOHNSON, HankGADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)KAMLAGER-DOVE, SydneyCADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)KELLY, Robin L.ILDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)LEE, BarbaraCADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)LEE, SummerPADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)MCBATH, LucyGADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)MEEKS, Gregory W.NYDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)MFUME, KweisiMDDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)MOORE, Gwendolynne S. (Gwen)WIDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)NEGUSE, JosephCODemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)NORTON, Eleanor HolmesDCDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)OMAR, IlhanMNDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)OWENS, BurgessUTRepublicanHouse
118th (2023-2025)PAYNE, Donald, Jr.NJDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)PLASKETT, Stacey E.VIDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)PRESSLEY, AyannaMADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)SCOTT, DavidGADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)SCOTT, Robert C.VADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)SCOTT, TimSCRepublicanSenate
118th (2023-2025)SEWELL, TerriALDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)STRICKLAND, MarilynWADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)SYKES, EmiliaOHDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)THOMPSON, BennieMSDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)TORRES, RitchieNYDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)UNDERWOOD, LaurenILDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)VEASEY, MarcTXDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)WARNOCK, Raphael GamalielGADemocratSenate
118th (2023-2025)WATERS, MaxineCADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)WATSON COLEMAN, BonnieNJDemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)WILLIAMS, NikemaGADemocratHouse
118th (2023-2025)WILSON, FredericaFLDemocratHouse


1Jefferson F. Long was elected on December 20, 1870, by special election, upon the readmission of Georgia to the Union.

2Joseph H. Rainey was elected on November 8, 1870, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Benjamin Franklin Whittemore.

3Hiram R. Revels was elected on January 20, 1870, and presented his credentials before the Senate on February 23, 1870, upon the readmission of Mississippi to the Union.

4Robert C. De Large served until January 24, 1873, when the House declared the seat vacant, following an election contest by Christopher Columbus Bowen.

5Josiah T. Walls served until January 29, 1873, and was succeeded by Silas Leslie Niblack, who contested the election.

6Robert Brown Elliott resigned on November 1, 1874, and was succeeded in a special election by Lewis Cass Carpenter on November 3, 1874.

7Josiah T. Walls served until April 19, 1876, and was succeeded by Jesse Johnson Finley, who contested the election.

8John R. Lynch took his seat on April 29, 1882, having successfully contested the election of James Ronald Chalmers.

9Robert Smalls took his seat on July 19, 1882, having successfully contested the election of George Dionysius Tillman.

10Robert Smalls was elected on March 18, 1884, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Edmund William McGregor Mackey.

11John M. Langston took his seat on September 23, 1890, having successfully contested the election of Edward Carrington Venable.

12Thomas E. Miller took his seat on September 24, 1890, having successfully contested the election of William Elliott.

13George Washington Murray took his seat on June 4, 1896, having successfully contested the election of William Elliott.

14Robert N.C. Nix Sr. was elected on May 20, 1958, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Earl Chudoff.

15George W. Collins was elected on November 3, 1970, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Daniel John Ronan.

16William L. Dawson died on November 9, 1970. A vacancy existed through the remainder of the Congress.

17George W. Collins died on December 8, 1972. A vacancy existed through the remainder of the Congress.

18Walter E. Fauntroy was elected on March 23, 1971, by special election, upon the approval of Public Law 91-405, the District of Columbia Delegate Act.

19Cardiss Collins was elected on June 5, 1973, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of her husband, Representative-elect George W. Collins, before the start of the 93rd Congress (1973-1975).

20Ralph H. Metcalfe died on October 10, 1978. A vacancy existed through the remainder of the Congress.

21Andrew Young resigned on January 29, 1977, and was succeeded in a special election by Wyche Fowler Jr. on April 5, 1977.

22George W. Crockett Jr. was elected on November 4, 1980, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Charles C. Diggs Jr.

23Charles C. Diggs Jr. resigned on June 3, 1980, and was succeeded in a special election by George W. Crockett Jr. on November 4, 1980.

24Katie Hall was elected on November 2, 1982, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Adam Benjamin Jr.

25Charles A. Hayes was elected on August 23, 1983, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Harold Washington.

26Harold Washington resigned on April 30, 1983, and was succeeded in a special election by Charles A. Hayes on August 23, 1983.

27Alton R. Waldon Jr. was elected on June 10, 1986, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Joseph Patrick Addabbo.

28Mickey Leland died on August 7, 1989, and was succeeded in a special election by Craig A. Washington on December 9, 1989.

29Craig A. Washington was elected on December 9, 1989, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mickey Leland.

30Lucien E. Blackwell was elected on November 5, 1991, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of William H. Gray III.

31Eva M. Clayton was elected on November 3, 1992, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Walter Beaman Jones Sr.

32William H. Gray III resigned on September 11, 1991, and was succeeded in a special election by Lucien E. Blackwell on November 5, 1991.

33Mike Espy resigned on January 22, 1993, and was succeeded in a special election by Bennie G. Thompson on April 13, 1993.

34Bennie G. Thompson was elected on April 13, 1993, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mike Espy.

35Elijah E. Cummings was elected on April 16, 1996, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Kweisi Mfume.

36Jesse L. Jackson Jr. was elected on December 12, 1995, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mel Reynolds.

37Kweisi Mfume resigned on February 18, 1996, and was succeeded in a special election by Elijah E. Cummings on April 16, 1996.

38Juanita Millender-McDonald was elected on March 26, 1996, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Walter R. Tucker III.

39Mel Reynolds resigned on October 1, 1995, and was succeeded in a special election by Jesse L. Jackson Jr. on December 12, 1995.

40Walter R. Tucker III resigned on December 15, 1995, and was succeeded in a special election by Juanita Millender-McDonald on March 26, 1996.

41Donna M. Christensen served under the name Donna Christian-Green in the 105th and 106th Congresses (1997–2001).

42Ronald V. Dellums resigned on February 6, 1998, and was succeeded in a special election by Barbara Lee on April 7, 1998.

43Floyd H. Flake resigned on November 17, 1997, and was succeeded in a special election by Gregory W. Meeks on February 3, 1998.

44Barbara Lee was elected on April 7, 1998, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Ronald V. Dellums.

45Gregory W. Meeks was elected on February 3, 1998, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Floyd H. Flake.

46Julian C. Dixon died on December 8, 2000. A vacancy existed through the remainder of the Congress.

47Diane E. Watson was elected on June 5, 2001, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Representative-elect Julian C. Dixon, before the start of the 107th Congress (2001-2003).

48Frank W. Ballance Jr. resigned on June 11, 2004, and was succeeded in a special election by G.K. Butterfield on July 20, 2004.

49G.K. Butterfield was elected on July 20, 2004, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Frank W. Ballance Jr.

50André Carson was elected on March 11, 2008, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of his grandmother, Julia May Carson.

51Julia May Carson died on December 15, 2007, and was succeeded in a special election by her grandson André Carson on March 11, 2008.

52Donna F. Edwards was elected on June 17, 2008, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Albert Russell Wynn.

53Marcia L. Fudge was elected on November 18, 2008, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

54Stephanie Tubbs Jones died on August 20, 2008, and was succeeded in a special election by Marcia L. Fudge on November 18, 2008.

55Juanita Millender-McDonald died on April 21, 2007, and was succeeded in a special election by Laura Richardson on August 21, 2007.

56Barack Obama resigned on November 16, 2008, having been elected President of the United States. Barack Obama was succeeded by Roland Burris, who was appointed to the seat on December 31, 2008.

57Laura Richardson was elected on August 21, 2007, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Juanita Millender-McDonald.

58Albert Russell Wynn resigned on May 31, 2008, and was succeeded in a special election by Donna F. Edwards on June 17, 2008.

59Roland Burris was appointed to the Senate on December 31, 2008, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Barack Obama, but his credentials were not in order until January 12, 2009. Roland Burris was not a candidate in the special election for the remainder of the term and served until November 29, 2010.

60Jesse L. Jackson Jr. resigned on November 21, 2012. A vacancy existed through the remainder of the Congress.

61Donald M. Payne died on March 6, 2012, and was succeeded in a special election by his son Donald M. Payne Jr. on November 6, 2012.

62Donald M. Payne Jr. was elected on November 6, 2012, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of his father, Donald M. Payne.

63Tim Scott was appointed to the Senate on January 2, 2013, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of James W. DeMint. Tim Scott was subsequently elected in a special election on November 4, 2014, to the remainder of the term. Tim Scott resigned from the House of Representatives on January 2, 2013.

64Alma S. Adams was elected on November 4, 2014, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Melvin L. Watt.

65Cory A. Booker was elected on October 16, 2013, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Frank Raleigh Lautenberg, succeeding Jeffrey Scott Chiesa, who had been appointed to fill the seat and did not run in the special election.

66William “Mo” Cowan was appointed to the Senate on February 1, 2013, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of John Forbes Kerry. Mo Cowan was not a candidate in the special election for the remainder of the term and served until July 15, 2013.

67Robin L. Kelly was elected on April 9, 2013, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Representative-elect Jesse L. Jackson Jr., who declined to take his seat in the 113th Congress (2013<span class=”ILfuVd”><span class=”hgKElc”>–</span></span>2015).

68Melvin L. Watt resigned on January 6, 2014, and was succeeded in a special election by Alma S. Adams on November 4, 2014.

69Dwight Evans was elected on November 8, 2016, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Chaka Fattah.

70Chaka Fattah resigned on June 23, 2016, and was succeeded in a special election by Dwight Evans on November 8, 2016.

71John Conyers, Jr. resigned on December 5, 2017, and was succeeded in a special election by Brenda Jones on November 6, 2018.

72Brenda Jones was elected on November 6, 2018, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of John Conyers Jr.

73Elijah E. Cummings died on October 17, 2019, and was succeeded in a special election by Kweisi Mfume on April 28, 2020.

74Kwanza Hall was elected on December 1, 2020, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of John Lewis.

75John Lewis died on July 17, 2020, and was succeeded in a special election by Kwanza Hall on December 1, 2020.

76Kweisi Mfume was elected on April 28, 2020, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Elijah E. Cummings.

77Shontel M. Brown was elected on November 2, 2021, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Marcia L. Fudge.

78G.K. Butterfield resigned on December 30, 2022. A vacancy existed through the remainder of the Congress.

79Troy A. Carter was elected on April 24, 2021, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Cedric L. Richmond.

80Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick was elected on January 11, 2022, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Alcee L. Hastings.

81Antonio Delgado resigned on May 25, 2022, and was succeeded in a special election by Patrick Ryan on August 23, 2022.

82Marcia L. Fudge resigned on March 10, 2021, and was succeeded in a special election by Shontel M. Brown on November 2, 2021.

83Kamala D. Harris resigned on January 18, 2021, having been elected Vice President of the United States. Kamala Harris was succeeded by Alejandro (Alex) Padilla, who was appointed to the seat on January 18, 2021.

84Alcee L. Hastings died on April 6, 2021, and was succeeded in a special election by Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick on January 11, 2022.

85Aston Donald McEachin died on November 28, 2022.

86Cedric L. Richmond resigned on January 15, 2021, and was succeeded in a special election by Troy A. Carter on April 24, 2021.

87Raphael Warnock was elected on January 5, 2021, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Johnny Isakson, succeeding Kelly Loeffler, who had been appointed to fill the seat and ran in the special election.


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