11 thoughts on “Have A Wonderful Weekend

    1. Karla, concur. We definitely must leave our life in the Lord’s hands. From 01/17 appointment with oncologist/hematologist the news was not too good, and ending up in the ER yesterday, the diagnoses were definitely not good but could have been worse. I was mentally exhausted, and my God rested my mind by closing my eyes to sleep without interruptions and woke me up at 8:30 AM; this is very unusual for me. If/when the pain subsides, I will try writing a blog this evening. Take care of yourself and I really appreciate how you walk your difficult journey with our Lord and Savior and for your encouragement and prayers.

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      1. Tangie, I’m sorry to hear the news not good. I’ve been praying so much! Those ER trips…friend, I’m sorry. 🙏🏻 I’m so glad God gave you rest. If you must take a break from blog, you do what you need. Thank you for your kind words, Tangie. Where would we be without Christ? We have an eternal perspective, with our health challenges, that provides a peace that is hard to explain. You understand! 💕

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