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Youth and Young Adults Rock

“Unlimited opportunities await the person who dare to seek.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

I am looking forward to working with the youth and young adult sisters who dare to seek spiritual Truth and spiritual endeavors.

I am reviewing answers to questions that I sent them for honest thoughts on current situations. For example, lack of youth and young adults in attendance for worship services and Bible studies. Some answers confirmed what I had been thinking.

Responses will help us strategize upcoming endeavors through the mission of the Sisters Evangelism Team (tSET).

I believe it will take involvement of young people to reach young people, and spiritual-minded mature adults to encourage and lead them in the right direction. We are so excited about forthcoming efforts, Lord willing.

Please keep these enthusiastic young women and me in your prayers as I lead them according to God’s Truth. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Have a magnificent day/night in the loving arms of Jesus.


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2 thoughts on “Youth and Young Adults Rock

  1. Tangie, youth are wanting sincerity and genuine!
    What I find upsetting is that many are turning to gimmicks that bar rooms use to attract patrons!
    Give the youth the real thing and they will follow!
    Be straightforward, honest, and true love!
    It’s Biblical for the elder women to teach the younger. They need great mentors or they will find fake love in the arms of someone who will just use them and then discard them!

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    1. You are exactly right. Your response confirms the young adults’ written answers to my questions. Instead of me assuming I wanted to hear their honest thoughts and they were really honest and confirmed what I had been thinking for a while. I totally agree comment with you and them. Thank you for your comments. I hope all is well with you.

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