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The Strength of Eagles

“Do the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high? She dwelleth and abideth on the rock, upon the crag of the rock, and the strong place. From thence she seeketh the prey and her eyes behold afar off. (Job 39:27-29)

Why do eagles love storms but our lives are challenged by them? Storms are welcome challenges to eagles due to winds lifting them above the clouds to rest their wings and to become stronger. Should we also welcome challenges of storms to become stronger in the Lord?

Do we rest our weary minds in His loving arms to gain strength? What storms have you experienced and gained strength? Do you look at storms from a spiritual perspective? Are you eager to see how God’s divine intervention sustains you in the midst of storms? It can be difficult, but also could help our minds find endurance and strength for future storms. You can believe in this world, storms are coming!

On Eagles’ Wings is one of my favorite songs and want you to enjoy it being presented by Taryn Harbridge, a great violinist. Close your eyes while listening.

People say there is strength in numbers, but my strength is in three combined into ONE–The Father, The Son and the gift of The Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Mother Copeland’s Shared Good Morning Prayer: “Step by step, the journey goes on. Little by little, it may seem so long. The things we learn, will keep us on with faith in God, He’ll keep us strong.”


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10 thoughts on “The Strength of Eagles

  1. Tangie, I pray for you every morning. This is such a beautiful piece! The videos just match its beauty! Yes, let’s use the storms of life to gain the Lord’s strength. May you stay blessed and healthy my dear sister! 💚💚💚

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    1. Good morning, Karla. Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate your encouraging words and prayers. I think of you often and keep you in prayers. 🤗

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