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Hacker! You Have Been Blocked

As we work to secure our data and communications from hackers, we must recognize that our citizens face a far broader array of threats. — William Barr

Have there been times you were unable to access your iPhone? If so, did you receive messages of incorrect passcode when you knew without a doubt it was correct? What about receiving Security Lockout after multiple failed attempts? Security Lockout is an additional Apple security feature to protect devices from unauthorized use.

My iPhone went into security lockout and the service provider could not legally help me but referred me to an Apple store affiliate. When I arrived, I handed my iPhone to the representative who immediately took it to her manager. She returned with good news and bad news that they do not have legal authority to help me.

The good news was to call Apple who had legal authority to get inside my iPhone. I provided Apple representative with all information on the purchase receipt and answered questions and signed in with my apple ID using my laptop. After she was 100% satisfied that I purchased and owned the iPhone, she proceeded.

Once access was regained while working with the representative, my options were to restore from the last backup or return to factory setting. I chose to restore from the last backup and the representative was done with her part. However, I was unable to open my apps, so my husband did a factory reset for me to redownload them since the restore apps were not all the updated versions.

I was frustrated but came to my senses to see this experience from a spiritual perspective of God allowing mankind the knowledge to stop hackers in their tracks from exposing and using my personal data. Yes, Satan and his evil children are hard at work against our devices, but Norton and Apple worked harder to shut them down.

Everything is new on my iPhone. This experience reminded me how old things should pass away in our lives and all things are new in Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Hackers are demons of Satan who work hard to hack our minds from Christ. Apple and Norton have their multiple security features in place, but nothing matches the ONE security feature, the blood of Jesus, that God put in place to get us from earth to glory.


Our worse threat is Satan influencing us to sin against God to lose our salvation. However, God made a way of escape, so we are without excuse. When approached by demonic hackers we must walk away saying devil you have been blocked by the blood of Jesus. (I Corinthians 10:13 and Matthew 26:28)


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14 thoughts on “Hacker! You Have Been Blocked

    1. It is amazingly fast, and I somehow missed awesome speed and updated apps that I am really enjoying. I must admit it was worth the trouble.


    1. Hello Donna, thank you for reading and commenting. He was definitely blocked by the blood of Jesus. I love my new life and Christ and really liking the incredible speed since reset and the awesome apps I was missing. Hope all is well with you and the family?

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      1. Yes, all is well. Eli had another MRI to determine his candidacy for that brain surgery. He is a good candidate. He hasn’t had a seizure for 4 to 5 months now, though. His poor momma. She sent me 2 things the Dr said, but the boy trying to understand is hard. Here is what she told me in her words…..The doctor said these were expected findings and same as before with some of the reasons for a smaller pons and medulla stuff is due to not using that side of the brain.
        Please just continue to lift the family before the throne. Kim, Gary, and Eli. Also, his sisters, Mackenzie, Madison, and Kayleigh. Thank you, Tangie. Hugs!

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      2. Wow! I pray for God’s divine intervention with clear instructions how the family should medically proceed.

        Lord, touch little Eli’s brain. Father God, please keep the entire family hearts on You as they weather this storm. Continue allowing Donna, Eli’s grandmother, to be a shining example and support for her family. I believe Your will in this situation will be made plain and clear on how the family should proceed. In Your precious Son Jesus Christ named I pray. Amen. 🤗 🙏

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      3. Thank you so much Tangie. I think a person never fully realizes how very much their prayers help the one that they are praying for. That really touched me. I honestly appreciate you. God bless.

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    1. Thank you, Sanjeet, it was frustrated but the results like our new life in Christ is amazing. The speed and new apps are great. Have a wonderful day/night and remain safe.

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    1. Thanks Cindy, it was definitely a horrible experience that resulted into an amazing iPhone, speed and so many features I did not have originally, or at least I did not know I had them. I am truly liking the apps and speed. I hope all is well with you.

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