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Stay Strong

“Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.” – Susan Gale

Why do we say “ok” when someone ask how are we doing when actually struggling within our mind and/or body? I have been enduring chronic pain for thirteen years and had sixteen medical procedures.

I spoke with a Titus 2 sister-in-Christ last night who is in worse condition than I can imagine. Her strength and encouraging words made me look at my situation from a different perspective. She said, “It is hard, it is difficult, but keep TRUSTING GOD and STAY STRONG. We talked for a while, and it was a much-needed conversation while facing challenges.

My spiritual mothers are so loving and remind me that God’s will for my life will not be hindered by external forces despite how it appears. Dealing with chronic pain is a struggle when unnecessary forces attempt to penetrate your mind, and sometimes I am so exhausted but better days are coming for this daughter of the King.

Spiritual Mother Copeland’s devotions and encouragement are always on time. “God is saying to you today. Stay strong, I am your strength. I see what you’re dealing with, and I will bring you through. Trust me through each storm, I have never left you before and I won’t leave you now. Better days are coming. Trust me.”

I am so thankful to God for putting my spiritual mothers in my life and on my path to eternal life. I love them and appreciate them daily.


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  1. Tangie, Praying 🙏🏽 inadvance for you now and always. We all Need at least one Titus 2 woman, in our life. You are blessed to have many!!!

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    1. Thank you very much, Pam, you are definitely right we need at least one, but God knew I needed many being away from my mother before she died in 2017, leaving my home state after 40 years, brothers and sisters in Christ I had known over twenty years, and leaving co-workers of twenty-two years to work with strangers (amazingly now fourteen years). I appreciate all of your encouragement, support, prayers and devotions throughout the years that I have been here. Also, I appreciate you sharing MRS. T’S CORNER blogs. Have a wonderful night.


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