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Day 3 Crown Lifting

The reluctant obedience of distant provinces generally costs more than it – The Territory is worth. Empires which branch out widely are often more flourishing for a little timely pruning. — Thomas B. Macaulay

In crown lifting, the lower branches of the crown are trimmed and pruned. This practice reduces the load of the larger limbs. The reduction in extra weight results in an uplifted appearance of the crown, hence the name crown lifting is assigned.

The integrity of this once a babe structural is solid (read Day 2 blog). Per Google, low-hanging branches are a health hazard for anyone in their vicinity. Crown lifting makes sidewalks and roads safer for passersby when they travel on the sidewalks or roads. Crown lifting should be performed for younger plants because they don’t develop deep wounds and gives a groomed and crisp appearance to the tree.

I agree crown lifting should be performed for younger plants such as new babes in Christ. It can also be performed on us who are mature in the Lord to keep the spiritual groomed and godly crisp appearance as light in the world. On our Christian journey, demonic forces of Satan are the diseased branches targeting and tempting us to sin against God. These health hazards should immediately be pruned to protect our soul.

Just as crown lifting make sidewalks and roads safer for others, fleeing Satan and obeying God make our road to Heaven safer in this ungodly world. We should also help cut branches that surround our new babes in Christ. If we are unwilling to help with correctly pruning their deadly and diseased branches, perhaps some might return to the world.

In approximately two years, the tree has grown beyond our imagination. It has grown gracefully and so should we. (2 Peter 3:17-18)


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