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Tuesday Morning Storm Advisory

Meteorologists have warned us many years how to prepare for potential deadly storms. We are instructed to secure our homes, businesses and earthly possessions. However, earthly possessions can be replaced, but the value of our soul cannot.

God made sure His commandments were written in the number one book sold yearly, the Bible. He ensured we had truth and understanding that Jesus would return, and judgment will start in the household of faith. Are we securing our souls more than our earthly possessions? (Psalm 16:1-2)

During these times perhaps many are experiencing a range of emotions. I praise God for there is nothing or anyone in this wicked and troublesome world that comes close to His Glory.

We must be ready for the storm of Jesus’ return by making preparation to secure enough of God’s grace to seal the eternal home of our soul in Heaven. I do not make light of harsh weather conditions, or people’s feelings or loss of possessions, but I rather see souls saved from this world of corruption.


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17 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Storm Advisory

  1. Tangie, this post brings to memory about the disciples and Christ were out in a boat on the sea. A storm came up and the boat was tossed about. Meanwhile in the back of the boat Christ was asleep.
    The disciples went to him and asked, Master don’t you care that we will perish(paraphrased).
    Christ got up and spoke to the storm, “Peace be still”!
    I also am reminded of a song that Candy Hemphill sung many years ago, “I Know The Master of The Wind”!
    Every once in a while we need to be reminded that the master of the wind and storms is on board with us!

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  2. Tangie, I read today’s post and thought about the scripture:
    Matthew 25:23!
    I only want to hear Jesus say to me
    “Well Done”! You good and faithful servant!

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