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The Ultimate Supreme Protection Plan

My laptop was targeted for a cyber-attack recently searching the web. I helplessly watched pages of warnings and phone numbers to call to reclaim my data. Evil was unsuccessful, the attacker was attacked.

The ultimate antivirus software installed on my electronic devices came to my laptop’s defense and resolved the issue. It shut down the attackers, secured my laptop and sent evil on its way. It is great having antivirus software working behind scenes to save data.

Jesus’ blood purchased the Ultimate Supreme Protection Anti-Sin Software for the remission of sins, and paved the way for the Plan of Salvation, to save our soul from those who wake up to attack us with demonic influences to sin against God. When we choose to become followers of Jesus, we become His friends (John 15:14). He is our genuine friend who works behind scenes as mediator between us and God to stay the hands of evil attackers. Trust Him!

“Father, we choose to put our trust in You. We choose to press forward and overcome fear. We believe you are with us. We believe You love us and You are leading us in paths of righteousness all the days of our lives in Jesus’ name. Amen.” Have a peaceful day everyone in the arms of Jesus.


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27 thoughts on “The Ultimate Supreme Protection Plan

    1. Amen. Norton 360. It is amazing and scan your electronic devices even while devices are idle. It protects with VPN. It gives reports how many trackers were blocked, how many files were scanned and attempts by hackers. It even gives names of sites who researched your name. It does much more. When I click on a site it will not allow me with a message unsafe site. I was surprised what happened because I typed in the name of a minister in another state because I like his quotes. This experience prompted me to ✍️ this blog. I will not search that name again.

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  1. Tangie, your response to one of the comments was it took me by surprise and don’t we know very well how satan, catches us off guard or by surprise throughout our christian journey.

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