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Let Only The Music Speak To You Now

Close your eyes. Turn off devices and news. Block out everything and everyone from entering your mind and focus on God. This is our moment to cherish His love, grace and mercy. Each moment we are blessed is all we have to obey and worship our Heavenly Father. – Tangie T. Woods

Thank you, Sister Copeland, for always sharing with us prayers for the day. “‘Lord, It’s me again. Thank you for helping me sleep through the night and waking me up to this beautiful morning. Lord, I pray that you teach me to love my life with each passing day.’

‘Fill my heart with joy and gladness and remind me of all the things in my life to be thankful for. When thoughts of negativity begin to fill my mind, please remind me that you love me. When I begin to feel helpless and hopeless, please remind me that you’ve got me.’

‘When I feel like I hate my life, please remind me that you created me for a purpose. Mold and guide me to your purpose for me, because I trust that your plans for me are better than anything I could ever ask for. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.'”


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