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Enjoy Your Evening

By requests, the Sunflower theme will continue for another week. I appreciate the love and support from everyone. God bless you.

“This delightful and happy-looking yellow flower is one of the best flowers that you can use to gift to someone who is in need of a friendly pick-me-up. Put a smile on someone’s face by giving them a bunch of sunflowers. This makes a wonderful gift for a friend.” — Marie Williams Johnstone


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9 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Evening

  1. I’m glad you are continuing your sunflower theme. I love sunflowers – they always remind me of summer days and sunshine. I like the image and quote about true friends, too. It’s very true. I hope you’re not in too much pain today, although I know that your medical issues continue to trouble you daily. I’m thinking of you. Take care of yourself, Tangie. Xx 🦢💕🕊

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      1. Hi Tangie. I’m okay, thank you, although feeling a bit emotionally fragile and very tired. I’m having some special blood tests this week to find out the cause of the exhaustion. I’m sure everything will be fine. Xx 🦢💕🕊

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      2. Praying nothing serious. I have the same problem due to chronic iron deficiency anemia (body does not absorb iron). I used to have eight to ten hours iron infusions. I will pray it is not serious. Please keep me posted. Have a good day/night and remain safe.

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      3. Thank you very much, Tangie. I’m sorry you have a similar problem and have to have all those iron infusions. Hopefully, they are helping. I probably won’t get my results until early next week, but will, as you said, keep you posted. Hope the next 24 hours are good for you and without pain. Take care of yourself Xx 💕

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