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The Watcher watches the watchers

Have you noticed how much we are watched on cameras by the watchers in stores, on our jobs, on streets and on traffic signal poles, and only God knows where all the hidden cameras that watch are?

After recently leaving Whole Foods, I did not see the two books purchased for our granddaughters when our son put the groceries in the car. I returned to the self-checkout register and found no books waiting for me.

Another worker instructed me to inform customer service for them to roll back the camera, but I returned to my car and asked our son if he had bagged the books; he did but they were placed underneath other items.

While heading home, I looked up at cameras on traffic light poles and thought “Roll back the camera” spoken in Whole Foods.

Our granddaughters’ books were hidden from my sight, but we cannot hide from the sight of God. While the watchers are watching us, they are being watched by God, The Watcher Who Matters.

His eyes are everywhere and watching the wicked and the good. (Proverbs 15:3)

If Jesus returns now, are we ready to bow before God to have the cameras of lives roll backed? If so, will our soul be exonerated, or condemned?


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