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Read Off The Weight

God concern is for the state of our soul and how we care for the temple of the Holy Spirit, not our body shape or clothing size. However, losing body weight can help maintain the health of the temple. When we focus on the hard work to lose weight instead of the end result, it is difficult.

I am studying from the NIV First-Century Study Bible which explores Scriptures in its Jewish and early Christian context. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 tell us that God’s Spirit dwells in our midst and if anyone destroys God’s temple, He will destroy the person: for God’s temple is sacred.

Verses through 23 are paraphrased telling us not to deceive ourselves thinking we are wise by standards of this age and not be fools because wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. It is shameful how educated and so-called wise leaders are publicly behaving, but God catches them in their craftiness and to Him their thoughts are futile.

A warning to us who are of Christ, and Christ is of God, is stop supporting and boasting about human leaders and their craftiness. If we are of Christ, in doing so we deny Christ. We must READ OFF THE WEIGHT of worldliness and not bring reproach against God and His Church.

Losing worldly weight is not difficult when we study Scriptures with an open mind and a willing heart to accept God’s Truth and live as faithful followers of Christ. Let us publicly and boldly show love to Him who died for the remission of our sins. As free moral agents, we live unrighteous lives now, and suffer the end result of eternal damnation later.

Do you want to be defined by the world and go to Hell or refined by the Word of God and go to Heaven? — Tangie T. Woods


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      1. You ate welcome. Had a doctor’s appointment with a new specialist. God was very faithful in ordering my steps to this doctor. He started me medication that will allow me to be weaned from steriods. This is encouraging.

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