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Prayer For The Week

As Christians, we are aware of the need to be sober and be vigilant; because our adversary, the devil, is walking about as a roaring lion, seeking occasions to cause pain, destructions, and every form of evil work. Therefore, the Bible admonished us to redeem the day, because they are full of evil (Ephesians 5:16); and one sure way to do that is to baptize each new week in prayer.

I should have my video EEG results on Wednesday, Lord willing. So, look for a result post on Thursday morning. Have a beautiful week everyone and remain safe in the Arms of our Lord and Savior. — Tangie



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7 thoughts on “Prayer For The Week

      1. Good morning my friend. You’re welcome. 💛 this round of chemo has more pronounced symptoms (mouth ulcers, burning mouth, nausea). But for the grace of God! Sending love and prayers for a terrific Tuesday! 💛


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