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Wednesday Music Blog (Hope)

I really love the fact that instrumental music can have you do your own inner-movies or your own visuals to the sound. There’s not lyrics dictating what you should feel. — Trentemøller


Alexander is a musician and pianist from Sweden. His music is instrumental and focuses on worship and aims to be very soothing and peaceful. He stated, “The goal with my music is to draw close to God, and His presence. Just like when David played for Saul, my prayer has always been that my music will people find rest.”


Some days, I block out everything and listen to instrumental music. It is soothing while thinking about how Awesome God is. I smile with eyes close and allow my mind to travel in a lovely world of love, hope, peace, harmony, joy, fair justice for all and only godliness. The pianist posture seems as though his mind is also taking him away from this world.


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9 thoughts on “Wednesday Music Blog (Hope)

  1. I do that too, listen to instrumental as a way to worship. The last time I tried that, the thought kept coming to me, “Remember, when Saul threw a spear at David when David was playing the harp?” Anyway, I can try. Onward and forward with serving Christ.

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