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I Am Still Here (Korean Soul Covers)

Have you ever felt mentally, physically or spiritually wounded? What about knowing the pain of a broken heart? Some of us perhaps thought we would not make it, but we did. In spite of everything we have gone through, and are going through, we can say by God’s grace, I am still here.


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7 thoughts on “I Am Still Here (Korean Soul Covers)

  1. Bonjour , bon mercredi TANGIE
    Ce matin
    La fraîcheur du matin
    Le chant des oiseaux
    Le soleil qui se lève
    Les rayons passent à travers les rideaux
    Je viens te dire bonne journée
    Attention aux grosses chaleurs restons au frais
    Bisous Bernard


    1. Bonjour , bon mercredi Bernard, Comment allez-vous ce jour/nuit que Dieu a fait? Merci d’être passé par MRS. LE COIN DES T. Profitez du reste de votre journée/nuit et restez en sécurité.


  2. Yes Lord thank You. I’m still here to do Your assignment, Your will, and Your purpose for my life. I am forever grateful to be used by You. Please 🙏 dear Lord keep me ever so close to Your heart ❤

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