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Please Flee Satan’s Credit Card And Give Credit To God!

Romans 13:8 tells us “Let no debt remain outstanding except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law,” but Satan wants us to remain indebted to him.

A credit card is a payment card issued to users (cardholders) to enable the cardholder to pay a merchant for goods and services based on the cardholder’s accrued debt (i.e., promise to the card issuer to pay them for the amounts plus the other agreed charges).[1] 

A regular credit card is different from a charge card, which requires the balance to be repaid in full each month or at the end of each statement cycle.[4] In contrast, credit cards allow the consumers to build a continuing balance of debt, subject to interest being charged.

A credit card differs from a charge card also in that a credit card typically involves a third-party entity that pays the seller and is reimbursed by the buyer, whereas a charge card simply defers payment by the buyer until a later date. In 2018, there were 1.12 billion credit cards in circulation in the U.S., and 72% of adults had at least one card.[5]


Do you have credit or charge cards? What about banks line of credit? Is your balance high, low or manageable? Do you use credit cards for emergencies? Have you paid your credit cards off and incurred more debt finding yourself in a vicious cycle like perhaps we find ourselves in sin?

I started my job at the age of 19 without understanding interest rates and minimum payments. I was very naive thinking credit cards were great until my minimum payments paid most of the interest leaving my principal to incur more interest, vicious cycle. However, I gave God credit for my job to pay them off before the vicious cycle got out of hand. When Satan influences us with his credit card, decline and walk away.

Satan’s credit card allows us to continue incurring debts with one interest rate that allow us to sin now and pay later with our soul.


Instead of owing Satan’s our soul on Judgment Day, we must give God credit for sacrificing His Son’s life for the remission of sin. Praise God and give Him credit each day He wakes us up. Give Him credit for our health despite conditions we believe it to be! Give God credit for everything including strength walking our path in a dark world, for forgiveness and for continuing to sustain us after repentance for sinning against Him.


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9 thoughts on “Please Flee Satan’s Credit Card And Give Credit To God!

  1. The apartments where I live do not accept cash nor checks for payment. I threw away my credit card when I became unemployed for the first time about nine years ago. It was very stressful trying to get the final $2000 paid off, that little bit ruined my credit rating. I do have a Debit card which is the same as having a checkbook that looks like a plastic card. Through it all, I’m holding on to my testimony in Jesus Christ.

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      1. I should have added that the only type of payments the apartments accept are electronic and only through their website. I have to go to Kroger’s or Walmart to use cash. What is this world coming to when too many of us don’t qualify for credit, but cash is being phased out at a lot of places? Transactions are becoming more and more complicated every day.

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      2. I feel restricted enough in my buying, and I have failed miserably in trying to sell things I no longer want. I would be totally bound in a system of credits. I would probably have food and someplace to live, period. I don’t know how many credits I would be allowed for health care.

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  2. A very interesting read and point of view, of course commercialism and consumerism play a part in our need for credit and the ability to buy now and pay later, the difficulty with life is that we don’t know how long we have got, we look at the world today and without a belief in God, Faith and hope, it can be a very scary world.
    I was raised in a Christian home in the UK by loving Grandparents who would take me to church every Sunday and say the Lords prayer every night and morning, and yet I spent many years on the treadmill, working every hour, buying on credit and drinking heavily.
    I am so thankful that God didn’t forget me and was there in my most darkest of days, who intervened in my behalf when I was drinking so heavily that by the age of 30 I had already damaged my Liver and was advised that I had a couple of years at most, I abstained for a year, was given the all clear, drank for a further 5 years and then on April 6th 1997 gave up drinking completely, I could never repay the debt that I owe to my Father in Heaven and I am so eternally grateful for him and the way that he has supported me throughout my life and for his son Jesus Christ, who gave his life that we may live again.
    I wish you well in your continued ministry,
    Warmest regards and may God continue to bless and uphold you.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your testimony. You are definitely right about God not forgetting us in our days of ignorance and dark days. I understand darks days and thank God too for allowing me to live to make a change. Again, thank you and remain safe.

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