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How Great Is Our God?

“Praise the Lord, my soul. Lord my God, YOU ARE VERY GREAT; You are clothed with splendor and Majesty.” (Psalm 104:1)

“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom. Wow! That is Great! (Psalm 145:3).

David said he exalted God and praised His name. What about us? Do we feel ashamed or hesitant to publicly exalt the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Great I Am? As a new convert many years ago, I was hesitant to share the Doctrine of Jesus because I wrestled between living as a Christian and being concerned about what others thought about me. Do we live to please others, or God? (Galatians 1:10)


One day, I felt as though a ton of bricks fell on me and I could no longer straddle the fence between Jesus and what others thought about me. I pulled the left behind leg over the fence, and today, I still hold my head up and publicly and proudly walk on the path of my Christian journey.


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4 thoughts on “How Great Is Our God?

  1. Amen. May the Lord continue to bless you on your journey. Oh for the day when we hear Him say, Well done. It will be worth it all. The problems of this world will be nothing when we see Jesus. Oh what a day that will be! Praise the Lord!
    Sending love your way. Hugs.

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