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The Christ Within Renews My Spirit

It is easy to give up things to secure the health of our temporary body but hard to give up sin to secure the salvation of our soul. – Tangie T. Woods

I was mistaken to think last Friday’s blog concluded the heart/mind topic. I sat down a couple of nights ago to spring clean my laptop after nine months of procrastinating. It was renewed through optimization, defragmentation and added security. From my Spiritual Mother Copeland’s folder, I share this devotion sent to me on May 20, 2020.

The Christ Within Renews My Spirit. “I take time for the renewal of my mind and body. I feel God within and all around me filling my soul with love and joy. There is unlimited proof of the divine when I choose to see with my spiritual vision. I watch little children find joy and amazement in the smallest things. I encounter random acts of kindness in my daily life. Each time I look with my divine nature, I am renewed by what I see.’

‘I am heir to abundant, reviewing energy within and outside of me. It is always there, even if I don’t feel it. Sharing words and acts of love giving back as God has given to me, I impart divine love to others and my spirit is renewed.’” END OF DEVOTION

Do you agree that it is crucial to have our Lord and Savior on prayer speed dial to help keep our spiritual vision on Him, and to avoid the multiplicities of Satan’s camouflaged pits? Do you boost spiritual shock to maintain energy in meditation through Scriptures to rejuvenate your mind in the Lord?

We are told in Ephesians 4:22-23 we were taught with regard to our former way of life to put off our old-corrupt self, and its deceitful desires to be made new in the attitude of our minds. “Do not let the taste of the forbidden fruit cost you the taste of Heaven.” — Tangie T. Woods

The symptoms of spiritual mind failure from sin weakens our mind causing irregular praying, hyperventilation, resistant to the Word of God, and decrease in spiritual appetite for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and obedience.


I procrastinated spring cleaning my hard drive, but we should not procrastinate cleaning our minds.


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9 thoughts on “The Christ Within Renews My Spirit

  1. A friend of mine shared a tip with me… pick up your Bible first thing after you wake up, before your phone or anything else. Make it the first thing you read and your day will go better.

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  2. Tangie, I agree that we need to have the Lord on speed dial; for prayer, to help us through the day and to guide our path. Satan is always working trying to re-direct, distract and destroy us. It is important to put on the armor of God daily.🌺

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