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God Clears The Path For Us

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought perhaps you would die? If so, did you panic? Did you call on the Lord to help you? Did you think about the salvation of your soul? What did you think about?

I experienced a horrified moment last year while driving home heading East, with approximately six vehicles heading West. The last car heading West changed lane putting him in my direct path for a collision.

I panicked with two choices to keep driving and collide or swerve off the road into a ditch. The other driver did not slow down but instead sped up to get back into his lane. Sadly, drivers did not allow him back in.

My thought was Lord we are going to collide head on! However, God cleared my path and I swerved safely off the road. In like manner, God cleared the path for us to live eternally in Heaven through Jesus’ Blood and His Plan of Salvation. Are we allowing Him to be our Driver?


Looking for the route to Heaven? Let God and His Way lead us on our spiritual route to spend eternity with Him.


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9 thoughts on “God Clears The Path For Us

  1. I had an experience about 4 months ago when I came down with a bacterial blood infection with sepsis seemingly out of nowhere. I felt a little tired one day and the next day I was on my way to the hospital in an ambulance with only a 50% likelihood of survival. I experienced it as a TOTALLY spiritual experience. I remember thinking, hey, this is a win-win situation! If I die I get to go be with Jesus and if I don’t die I get to spend more time doing God’s work on Earth. So either way is fine with me. Then I heard the voice of God saying to me, “You decide,” and I heard myself saying, “I want to live.” Then the voice of God said to me, “NOW I have your attention. You thought you were paying attention before but you weren’t. Now you are, so listen and learn.” I am still in that phase, which maybe isn’t a phase — being VERY attentive to whatever God is trying to tell me — anytime and anywhere.

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  2. It’s horrific the things decent human beings experience on a routine basis. After that, I’m glad you still have something in your heart for Jesus. The road isn’t easy, in fact it’s narrow, so I’m glad you are being strong through it all.

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    1. I can only be sustained health wise and living in this ungodly world by God’s grace and mercy. It saddens me by the things people do against God and other people. Thank you for sharing your comments and remain safe.

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