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God Cannot Do Everything!

If God cannot do everything, where did our power to do everything including lying and showing favoritism? Satan! What is favoritism? It is showing partiality or bias giving preference to one person over others. It is similar to discrimination based on conditions such as race, social class, wealth, faith and other status.

Deuteronomy 10:17 tells us God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the Great, Mighty and Awesome who shows NO partiality and accepts no bribes. Bribes and favoritism are all too familiar in America. I have faced reprisal and discrimination based on race (Black), gender (female) and disabilities.

Ephesians 6:9 states the Master in Heaven shows no favoritism, and we read in Acts 10:34 that Peter began to speak saying “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears Him and does what is right.

What does Colossians 3:25 tells us? Anyone who does wrong will be repaid for their wrongs, and there is no favoritism. Deuteronomy 10:20-21 reads ‘Fear the Lord your God and serve Him. Hold fast to Him and take your oaths in His name. He is the One you should PRAISE. He is your God.”

Sadly, there are many professing Christianity but are following the masses and their ungodly oaths instead of pledging allegiance to God. God cannot show favoritism because it contradicts His values. God cannot show favoritism because it is disrespectful of people. It is a sin against Him, and if we show favoritism, we commit sin and our worship to God is in vain.

God cannot do evil and will repay everyone for what they have done; He brings on them what their conduct deserves.

Scriptures gives us a perfect example of favoritism in James 2, referencing a man attending the assembly wearing a gold ring, and fine clothes, and a poor man in filthy old clothes also came in. The rich man is told “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say the poor man, “You can stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet. Have you discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?” Have you? Have I?

There is some type of discrimination in every race. I was discriminated by a Black female branch chief who refused to promote me, the most qualified employee and team leader, for fear others would say she selected me because of my race. Instead, she selected two women of different races that I supervised. This was early in my career when I was naive.

What motivate this kind of behavior? How did we get to this point in America? These are not God’s values and should not be our values nor allowed in the Body of Christ. This type of behavior is evidence of wolves in sheep clothing. Is it not written the poor in this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom that He has promised to the ones who love Him?

It is unthinkable that God cannot do wrong but would make exceptions for us. The Almighty cannot pervert justice like we do. He is taking notes of our deeds and we will be punished for our wickedness. God will not reward us on our terms as we imitate the ones who opposes His values.

In addition to God not being able to show favoritism, He cannot lie. “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. In the Body of Christ, we must do the will of God.

Why will people perish? They refused to love the truth and to be saved. For this reason, God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie. And so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. (Read Chapter 2 of Second Thessalonians).


“We tend to put everyone in some kind of stratified category, higher or lower than other people. It has to do with their looks. It has to do with their wardrobe. It has to do with the kind of car they drive, the kind of house they live in; sometimes it has to do with their race, sometimes with their social status, sometimes outward characteristics of personality. All of those things with God are non-issues. They are of no significance at all. They mean absolutely nothing to Him.” John MacArthur


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