11 thoughts on “Friday Blessings

    1. They schooled me into understanding my worth is defined by God, not man. “If more people care less about what man thinks and more about what God thinks, perhaps we would have a better world. –Tangie T. Woods. Have a wonderful evening and remain safe Sis.


  1. Attitude is Everything! I learned that lesson in my first real job that took me traveling and selling door-to-door. You can have the looks, the brains, and all that our world considers admirable, but if your attitude is bad, and you don’t have the love of the Lord in your heart, you don’t really have anything. You will always struggle to see right, do right, be right, and be joyful from within.
    Happy FriYay Mrs T, and thank you for following my blog. xo

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    1. Hello Linda, thank you for sharing your thoughts. A positive attitude is very important. “A good name is to be more desired than great wealth. Favor is better than silver and gold.” Proverbs 22:1 and Ecclesiastes 7:1. A positive attitude brings forth a good reputation. I think I will blog on this subject. Thank you and have a wonderful day/night and remain safe.


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