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Sisters Serving From Their Hearts

On November 18, 1982, five sisters-in-Christ from two congregations in Montgomery, Alabama met to organize a city-wide sisters’ benevolence group. In their initial meeting they pledged to put forth efforts to gain membership and support throughout the sisterhood and brotherhood.

These beautiful women were instrumental in organizing programs and activities. For example, they assisted with the annual Youth Rally held in Troy, Alabama, the Benevolent Sisters Annual Holiday Banquet and visiting residents at the Crowne Nursing Home.

When my mother was a resident at the nursing home before her death, these Titus 2 women visited her, took her to activities in the recreation room among other beautiful gestures of love. I am forever grateful and thankful to them for how they cared for her and other residents.

They were instrumental in purchasing supplies for students who were going back to school. They purchased special occasions baskets for senior citizens and provided financial contributions to Southwestern Christian College, Brentwood Children’s Home and others who were in need.

They mailed cards for various occasion offering encouragement, graduating, giving birth, getting married and to those who were sick, as well as acknowledgement and to those who were bereaving. May God continue blessing them and their work for many years.


I was afforded the opportunity to be among these godly women as a member of the Benevolent Sisters. As the youngest one in the group at that time it was my honor to be surrounded with wisdom, genuine love and support. I pray God’s continue blessings in their lives.


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8 thoughts on “Sisters Serving From Their Hearts

  1. Tangie
    Thanks so much for those encourag words. We are greatful that in some small way we have indpired you in the great work you are doing. We are thankful for the time you shared with us.

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    1. Sister Carr, it is my pleasure to give honor and appreciation to you and other sisters who very much deserve it. I can never thank you all enough for setting examples and inspiring younger sisters. We might not always tell you but know we are watching, learning and loving what we see. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the blessing of God watering the earth. It has been raining four days in our city. Love you.


  2. What a blessing their group was indeed. It sounds like they have touched so many lives. Blessings to you Tangie. Have a restful weekend. Love to you sister!🤗🙏🤗

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  3. Awesomeness! You, have been blessed to experience such great exposure of sound women that nurtured and modeled spiritual conduct and provided ongoing activities and community services for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

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    1. Pam, I have been blessed beyond measures with so many spiritual mothers. I am forever grateful to God. Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful night.


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