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The Christ Within Renews My Spirit

It is easy to give up things to secure the health of our temporary body but hard to give up sin to secure the salvation of our soul. – Tangie T. Woods

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On May 29, 2020, my spiritual mother Sister Copeland sent this devotion to me title The Christ Within Renews My Spirit. “I take time for the renewal of my mind and body. I feel God within and all around me, filling my soul with love and joy. There is unlimited proof of the Divine when I choose to see with my spiritual vision.’

‘I watch little children find joy and amazement in the smallest things. I encounter random acts of kindness in my daily life. Each time I look with my divine nature, I am renewed by what I see. I am heir to abundant, reviewing energy within and outside of me. It is always there, even if I don’t feel it. Sharing words and acts of love giving back as God has given to me, I impart divine love to others and my spirit is renewed.’”

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Let us pray for a renewed spirit if needed so the devil cannot influence us to sin or be too busy resulting in hinderance in zeal for God.

With the multiplicities of distractions today, it is crucial to have the only Savior to help us stay focus through spiritual vision to avoid the world’s pitfalls.

We must always trust the Lord and believe He is Always Here!


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4 thoughts on “The Christ Within Renews My Spirit

  1. Hi Tangie, It is my sincere prayer to remember that God is always Here and to teach my grand daughter also who has her moments of “Pandemic” burnouts!

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    1. Amen Pam. I will definitely say a prayer for your granddaughter and so many children who are suffering from moments of “Pandemic” burnout. We will keep our hands in His Hands. Have a wonderful night and be safe.


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