10 thoughts on “Wednesday Blessings

  1. Very good word. Life can be difficult, amen. The thing is to acknowledge God through the difficulties. He is there and He cares. It is when we acknowledge Him that we learn and experience His care for us. He will carry us through.
    He did it for me. I know He will do it for others. Once when my grandson was having seizures (this still brings tears to my eyes) and he was hospitalized, I was so hurt. I remember walking around my house and I was still praising the Lord. I stopped to look in the mirror and I saw so much hurt in my eyes, but with Him carrying me and trusting that He was with my grandson, Eli, I was carrying on with my day. What would have usually have broken me, He used to strengthen me. See, I have always been close to my daughter and now I live 8 hours (driving time) away. I couldn’t get there. It was then I had to trust and even worship through that time. The song I lifted up to the Lord was Raise a Hallelujah https://youtu.be/awkO61T6i0k
    God is good. He saw me through. ♡♡♡

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    1. I just found your response in Spam. I will check out the video and love I Raise A Hallelujah (instrumental) by YoungMin You. You are a great encourager. How is Eli now?

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      1. I wonder if comments go to spam when a link is attached? I just wanted you to have the exact song I listened to and sang along with.
        Eli, our sweet boy is doing okay. He has difficulties due to the stroke he had while in his mommas belly. There is a part of his brain that just isn’t there. Which makes him have issues with walking and using his one hand. They have had him in a cast and had botox injections into his stiff muscles. The poor guy is only three years old. They said he would never walk and then they said well he might walk but it would be when he was much older. That boy can walk, run swim and play! He is a miracle. We have showered him in prayer. I believe God can make matter where there is no matter. I have reached out in faith believing as touching Eli. This is in God’s hands and His purposes will prevail. God knows what is best. Thank you for asking. Thank you for the compliment. I love to help others and I am thankful that God would choose to use me in that way. He is so good.

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      2. Amen. Sharing testimonies encourages others and is why I blog, but first to share the Gospel of Jesus. Thank you for sharing Eli’s and your family’s blessing and may God’s divine intervention continue to touch Eli’s body.

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  2. Hi Tangie, I’m new to posting articles and I am loving doing it. Being curious, I decided to check out my readers focus. When I came to your site I was very impressed with your design and content. Well done you. Thank you, Tangie.

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    1. Thank you very much for visiting MRS. T’S CORNER, and for your kind words. You will discover being in a wonderful blogging community. Happy writing and remain safe.


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