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Friday Blessings

As you end the week, I pray that God blesses the works of your hands both today and forever. You are a blessing to the world, and I wish you the best of today. Stay blessed. — Relish Bay


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9 thoughts on “Friday Blessings

  1. Thank you for the blessing Tangie! My hands have been busy making amigurumi Star Wars characters for my grandson’s (age 6 and 8 1/2). They were suppose to be for my son (age 43) but they weren’t made as perfect (I’m just learning)and wanted movable legs (not in the pattern). So these practice pieces are going to my grandsons and it has really created a “bond” between us. They really have a new found respect I feel for me as we enjoy more time together in “conversations” about anything. Before, they were anxious to get to their video games and ipads and such, leaving me out. This has been answered prayer. I am an anxious retired grandmother not knowing what God wants to do with my life. I think he wants me to use my talents and through it he can reach others in his own way. I talk about Jesus with my grandsons regularly as I pray God will put his words in my mouth. I am blessed to be able to babysit the family (they have a sister – 10 months old) twice a week. Thank you for your post.

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    1. You are welcome. It is wonderful the Lord allowed imperfect items to form a bond between you and your grandchildren. Keep working on your amigurumi Star Wars characters until they are perfected. Perhaps it will become a small business to help others to form a bond with their grandchildren. Keep praying, sharing the Gospel and wait patiently to see how God uses your hands. Blessings! Have a great day/night and be safe.

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