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A Beautiful Necessary Distraction

“As a nation, out of this terrible tragedy, God has visited grace upon us, for He has allowed us to see where we’ve been blind. He has given us the chance, where we’ve been lost, to find our best selves. We may not have earned it, this grace, with our rancor and complacency and short-sightedness and fear of each other—but we got it all the same.” – Barack Obama

Today’s blog comes from my spiritual perspective regarding a beautiful necessary distraction called COVID-19. What?!!! Beautiful Distraction?!!! Necessary Distraction?!!! Are you insane Tangie?!!! No, I am not insane.

A distraction takes our attention away from what we are supposed to do. A beautiful necessary distraction like COVID-19 brings our attention back to God; the KING of kings and LORD of lords; or at least it should.

From my spiritual perspective, I understand whatever God allows to happen in this world is His business no matter what we deem as devastation. I trust in Jesus, the balm who soothes my pain through faith even in the death of loved ones. But God I thought! God, I thought! I thought.

Typography: Isaiah 55:8-9 7-2019 - YMI

From my spiritual perspective, I am thankful. Yes, thankful. Why? Instead of the coronavirus and variants killing millions, it could be Jesus returning for the entire world to face judgment. Would we be ready?

From my spiritual perspective, families are now praying together, forgiving and loving one another, sitting together at dinner tables talking, laughing, reminiscing and making beautiful memories. Love and compassion are prompting many global humanitarian’s efforts.

There are many other positive side effects from this beautiful necessary distraction that God allowed to come upon us. I do not claim to know His reasons, nor do I question Him. But perhaps, He allows different variants as warnings because the world seems to become wicked by the day.

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As we go about our busy lives, fighting among one another within our own nation, and with other nations, let us remember we have been given another chance to right what is wrong in the sight of God.

I am not oblivious to current global devastations and my heart goes out to families personally affected by COVID-19, and everything else happening globally, but mopped away by a beautiful necessary distraction.


Are we preserving our soul to be save from this troublesome world? I pray your faith, my faith, is strong enough to withstand the side effects from this beautiful necessary distraction. Is this not a necessary distraction when our faith should be prepared and activated?

Perhaps this is God’s way of chastening us as a whole. “Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless, afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.” (Hebrews 12:11) 


NOTE: Lord willing, I am making rounds to visit each blogger and expect to complete this journey by the end of February 2022. I look forward to catching up and reading your wonderful messages.


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15 thoughts on “A Beautiful Necessary Distraction

  1. Your spiritual perspective has movement, thanks. I’ve been intrigued to watch the whole world focus on one object, reduce harm from Covid. It makes me think of one God, all-inclusive.

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    1. Cheryl, thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts on this blog; very much appreciate them. Have a wonderful day/night and remain safe as possible.


  2. I appreciate your honesty. I don’t believe God has sent COVID-19 but he has the remedy. Christians have used Jesus’ name to sow seeds of hatred, discord, greed and more into our society. We are supposed to bear light but instead we are spewing anxiety, division and refusing to do what we were commanded to like pray, worship, read scripture, attend church (virtually or in safely in person), love and forgive others and so on. Christians need to rise up and do our part instead of falling for the tricks of the enemy. Bravo on speaking the truth.

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    1. Ada, I agree and do not believe God did not send the pandemic but was allowed to happen. Our original parents, Adam and Eve, introduced sin into the world and mankind is keeping it alive and thriving with sins and all kinds of laws contrary to God’s word.

      Yes, unconverted / untransformed minds “Christians” continue to use Jesus’ name and Christianity as a cover. “Beware of wolves in sheep clothing (Matthew 7:15). Not everyone who says to me, “Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but the one who does the will of My Father who is in Heaven (Matthew 7:21).

      Repent and be converted (Acts 3:19-26). But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fil. And when thou are converted, strengthen thy brother.”

      Concur it is time for us converted “Christians” to rise up and follow instructions in Matthew 28:19-20. Thank you for reading and sharing comments.

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    1. DeborahMarie, thank you for commenting. Yes, I think this pandemic is allowed as a consequence for a wicked world just like the flood in the first world. Sadly, the just has to suffer with the unjust (Matthew 5:45). The first world was destroyed, and God repented He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at his heart. (Genesis 6:6) I have no doubt He is still grieving because this world is no better.


  3. Very insightful, I think that many people are questioning what is happening in the world today and yet people are coming together, communities are thriving and people are exercising Faith.
    May you and your family continue to be blessed and may we all get through this pandemic and period of time and feel blessed and be blessed.

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    1. Paul, I agree many are questioning what is happening. I look back at reasons God destroyed the first wicked world and saved only eight people. Thank you for commenting and may you and your family be blessed and remain safe.


    1. Thank you, Charles. I hope all is well with you and the family. Continued blessings to your family and be safe.


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