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Exercise of Hope

Sister Copeland, one of my spiritual mothers, sent this prayer title ‘Exercise of Hope’ to me on July 26, 2021. God, you make everything better—even waiting. Outside your influence, I grow inpatient, sometimes even second-guessing good decision when I have to wait for an answer prayer.

Truthfully, apart from you I can barely handle a little traffic or the line at the grocery store. But waiting for you becomes exercise in hope. Because I trust you, I can believe the outcome of my waiting.

I know it would be for my good. I am filled with hope as I await your answer, your solution, your response to my needs, my questions, my dreams. Your promise turns inpatient into expectation and waiting into joy. Are you being filled with hope as you wait for God’s answer?


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Situations Can Always Be Worse

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, you are aware that I had a third surgery on my left-hand middle finger.  On the same morning, prior to the surgery, I received my booster vaccine and flu shot while talking to a young lady whom I never met before.

We started talking about health issues and I mentioned in 2016 I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage 2 but in the past two years there were no signs of it. She asked what happened to reverse it. I said by the grace of God and following my nephrologist’s diet and water intake instructions.

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She responded, “I had renal cancer and lost a kidney. I am now living with Stage 4 renal failure.” Wow! I immediately prayed for her and thought less about my little finger problems.

Blogging is one of my dreams that is being fulfilled and it is quite difficult typing with one hand using one finger. However, I believe in hope, and I will again be able to fully use my left hand to continue sharing God’s word and encouraging others as well as being encouraged by many of you.


Today, the wound dressing and packing were removed, and I have a metal plate separating the wound and area where the fingernail was cut off. It is painful but after hearing the young lady’s story, I cannot complain because God has been, and He is still so merciful to me.


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13 thoughts on “Exercise of Hope

  1. Dear sweet Tangie I am sorry about your terrible finger I bet that is indeed painful. No matter how much we suffer others are suffering more.

    You have and are a woman of unbelievable faith and I continue to prayer for your healing.

    Sending you lots of love. ❤️🤗Prayers going up for you dear Tangie. 🤗❤️

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    1. Hi Joni, how was your trip? Congratulations on your poem entry. Thank you for your prayers and for being an encourager in our blogging community. Have a great day/night and remain safe.


  2. WOW! I am blown away 😳 how you and the young lady’s path met together and shared how you were able to endure inspite of! My prayer is that God continue to strengthen both you and the the young lady.

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    1. Thank you very much for your prayers for both of us. I too am amaze how God is using my circumstances to encourage strangers and others alike. I love it and will keep sharing my faith and health journeys. have a great day/night and remain safe.


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