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Finger Surgery Number 3 Today

Sadly, there is a small area on my finger that has bothered me about a week but not enough to complain until Sunday night. I was restless and had to use heat to ensure adequate blood flow to my finger.

I admit my eyes enlarged in disbelief when the hand surgeon told me yesterday that she needed to operate again. The surgery requires removing half of my fingernail to remove trapped bacteria that has finally been identified by a bacteria specialist. We now know why the resistant to the different rounds of antibiotics.

I will continue depending on the living God as He works through the hands of many surgeons to restore this temple of the Holy Spirit. I will remain still as He directs my footsteps according to His word regardless of what occurs in my life. Nor Satan or sickness will oppress or rule over me and my life in Christ. (Psalm 119:133)

The world we temporary live in is full of troubles and it seem to be getting worse. However, as children walking in the Sonlight we must not get distracted by the world or by our trials such as sickness.


It is 12:40 AM Eastern Standard Time in America and I am up thanking and praising God in songs and making no time to worry about today’s surgery. I still have joy even if it means pecking a little longer instead of typing 125 words a minute. MRS. T’S CORNER will remain active as long as it has the Lord’s approval and He affords me life on earth.

Thank you all for your constant encouragement, prayers, thoughtfulness and listening ears. Keep the faith and may God send you showers of blessing.


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  1. God bless you, that has been one of God’s promises to be with us every day until the end of the world, regardless of how things turn around us God will remain faithful to his word and his promises, I hope God is at all times with you and your family, encouragement that things can be wrong but with God’s help it is sure that if they will improve.📖💎

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    1. Lowel, thank you for your comments. I thank and praise God for His grace and mercy for sustaining me in the midst of my storms. Otherwise, I would have made it, Again, thank you and have a great and safe day/night.

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      1. May God’s presence always be with you, give you strength and move forward trusting in God, you know that God has a book of memories and that he will never forget his own, God bless you always.
        Daniel 12:3

        Those who are wise shall shine
        Like the brightness of the firmament,
        And those who turn many to righteousness
        Like the stars forever and ever.

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    1. Sandra, you still have your caring spirit many years later. Thank you and I miss you all so much and will be glad when I am able to travel HOME. Blessings to you and your sons and have a beautiful day and be safe.


  2. Not sure if your surgery is over by the time you read this, but let me affirm to you that God is in charge of “your temple of the Holy Spirit” and I feel certain that healing is on the way. Keep us posted. I honor our wonderful surgeons and doctors, whom I believe God has given to us. I’m a retired R.N (Registered Nurse), and I believe that God works in unison with medical professionals to bring His healing. God bless you.

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    1. I concur and appreciate everything you said. It feels great to be in touch with spiritual bloggers to keep one another encouraged. I will see how it looks tomorrow when dressing is removed by the hand therapy.

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  3. Tangie, I hope your surgery went well. I am praying for your healing, peace, and comfort, also saying prayers for wisdom for the doctors for your complete recovery. 🙏💐🌺

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  4. Wow…I had no idea it was still going on…Prayers continually. I never knew something this simple could cause such a reaction, to say the least. ❤️🙏🏾

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    1. Thank you for continuing to pray for me. I was shocked by how many medical personnel was not aware of what could happen with pulling a hangnail. They have shared my experience with others including medical students (images only with permission but not my name). So, my experience had a purpose. Have a great day/night and remain safe,

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      1. Wow. Yes it did 🙏🏾…I’m shocked they didn’t know either. You’re very welcome though. Please keep me posted. Thank you. Stay safe as well. ❤️

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  5. Praying for total restoration of your finger. I understand your battle. The doctor had to put me back on medication because of some unusual side affects. We know this is the enemy trying to fight against you and me. But I agree with you – our trust is in the Lord and the attle has already been won!

    You are listening to two of my favorite songs: Order my Steps In Your Word; and He’s An On Time God.

    Thanks for sharing your medical journey. I already see you have won the battle.

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    1. Hello Georgetta, you are still on my prayer list and will remain on it. Yes ma’am, no worries with us because we cannot lose if we remain steadfast in the faith regardless of our circumstances. God got us. Have a great day/night and remain safe.

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