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A Hangnail—Are You Serious?

What is a hangnail? A hangnail is a tiny, torn piece of skin, more specifically eponychium or paronychium, next to a fingernail or toenail. Hangnails are typically caused by having dry skin, or by trauma to the fingers, such as paper cuts or nail biting.

A hangnail is a strip of skin that separates from the side of the cuticle. Trim the skin of the hangnail with a pair of clean scissors. Do not bite or pull at a hangnail, because the skin may tear. A torn hangnail may become tender and swollen, and infection may develop.

I had a hangnail last week on my left-hand middle finger that bothered me for days. What did I finally do? I pulled it out without a second though. I wanted it gone and now suffering from lack of knowledge on hangnail care.

In the Emergency Room on the night of November 02, 2021, the doctor said “Infected and we have to place a cut in your finger.” Ouch! After ultra-sounding my finger it was determined draining pus, fluid and removing bacteria were needed. One of my right-hand fingers was used to type this blog. So, straight to the point that our lack of knowledge does not stop consequences from our decisions.

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This is my fourteenth medical procedure/surgery since 2009, and this little finger pain feels worse than my back pain–and to think I mentioned having a high tolerance pain level. Also, pulling the hangnail left enough space for the fingernail to start growing underneath the skin almost immediately. Double Ouch!


I have pain, throbbing, stinging, an open wound requiring cleaning four times a day, taking nine pills a day to kill bacteria and referred to a hand surgeon. Why? I wanted a small piece of skin eradicated from my hand. If I had waited longer to seek medical care I would have perhaps lost my finger or bacteria in my bloodstream.

I am physically paying for my lack of knowledge on hangnails. However, our souls do not have to pay eternally due to lack of knowledge of God’s word. Romans 1:20 “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—His eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.


We should encourage one another to allow God’s word to pull on our minds, leave space for the word to grow in daily studies and meditation to eradicate our sins. I used the word minor referring to several of my surgeries and was politely corrected by a physician saying a cut into one’s body is not minor.

In like manner Jesus the Christ does not think our sins are minor considering He gave His life for the remission of our sins. The nails that held His body to the cross were major for our salvation. Again, do not suffer from lack of biblical knowledge because there will be consequences in this life and on the Judgment Day.

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  1. Very interesting how you incorporated the hang nail with our soul and eternal life. I will be cautious when I encounter another hangnail. Hope your finger is healing and thankful you got medical advice in time.

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    1. Hello Sister Carr, thank you for your comments. I blogged this reminder and a warning for others to be aware. Lord willing, I am scheduled to see the hand surgeon on Monday and pray no cutting just let it continue healing.


    1. Thank you and much appreciated. I wanted to share to warn others so they do not repeat my mistake. Be blessed and thanks for commenting.

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