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Where There Is Anger, There Is…

Be ye anger, and sin not; let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil. (Ephesians 5:26-27)

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Have you ever experienced anger? Do you know the root causes of your anger? Do you have people willing to listen and not share your personal information? Do you pray to GOD through Jesus to help you? Anger is a strong hold emotion that is not easily resolved, at least not in my mind.

For years, I was angry that started in my childhood. When I was a young adult, I convinced myself this strong hold emotion was justifiable. GOD knew I lacked wisdom, lacked knowledge, and lacked understanding in the true meaning of forgiveness. GOD knows exactly what and who we need in our lives. Therefore, the path was cleared for someone to come into my life who loved my soul, and my feelings, but my soul mattered most.

Sadly, we do not always know one enough as well as we should to be supportive during mental, physical, or spiritual sickness. It seem that we are more attentive and supportive when it comes to friends, to acquaintances, to co-workers, and to their families, even though they are not members of the Body of Christ. Why? We can only answer for ourselves.

I am not saying we need to know everyone’s personal business but we should know one another well enough to be able to freely inquire about their well-being, especially spiritually. Sometimes, that is all it takes to help someone get through another day. I have been in that position to know it helped me.

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As my anger and pain started to subside, I pondered on the question how I could not forgive a nonbeliever for their misguided judgment in decision-making, when as a Christian, I hang Jesus back on the cross each time I sin in my misguided judgment? Yet, He forgives me when I ask and repent. God cares for each of us, and all souls belong to Him. But as free moral agents not all souls will make it to Heaven. So, I strive to do what is spiritually necessary to gain my crown of life.

Anger has been said to be a warning flag. Regardless, it is crucial that we remain calm, exercise restraint, and avoid any acts that could prolong the healing process or hinder our spiritual growth.

I was comfortable talking with the person GOD placed in my life about suppressed memories; it started my healing process. I understood that I had used anger as a mechanical device to turn off from those who hurt me emotionally.

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This special someone I previously mentioned that GOD placed in my life to help me is my wonderful husband, and my genuine friend.

We cannot control how others act, or respond, but we must control our actions as disciples of Jesus. Overcoming anger will not happen overnight, but it should helps to have spiritually supportive people on the path to healing. But! Be mindful, Where There Is Anger, There Is Satan even in the Body of Christ. (Matthew 10:16)


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  1. Anger is definitely never the way to go. We can never control everyone around us and that’s why we need to change our own attitude and way of seeing things.

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