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Second Year Blogging Anniversary

Thank you all for encouragement, prayers and supporting MRS. T’S CORNER.

Flowers to show my appreciation to you all.

I would not have been able to sustain my blog for two years had it not been for your support.


Christian Blogger, Wife, Mother and Grandmother

86 thoughts on “Second Year Blogging Anniversary

  1. Dear Tangie:
    So nice to see your happiness and blessings.
    Hope this message finds you well. Just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that i’ve recently begun sharing a few inspiring thoughts via YouTube through a live stream done mostly every Saturday. As someone I admire for being part of life’s journey, I wanted to share this invite with you so you too can be blessed.

    If you or someone you know is going through a difficult situation, everything can change when we commit these situations to God.
    He can give us victory, no matter what the issue…no matter what picture the adversaries and obstacles paint around us…no matter what is going on in the world…no matter how hopeless and fearful things may appear.
    Instead of being worried and afraid, we can trust in the Lord. He can turn around any situation.
    Today, as you watch this video and listen to the message, allow God to turn your frustrations into a testimony of a 180 degree change in that situation.
    Please do watch if possible and post a comment so we can pray over it and agree together.

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    1. Sophia, how wonderful it is to hear from you. Lord willing on tomorrow I will definitely check it out. Thank you for the invite and have a wonderful day/night and remain safe.


      1. Hello Sophia, I am listening to it now “Exchange your frustrations for something better.” I was surprise by the number of videos I missed. Thank you for sharing and I will set an alarm to for Saturdays to check out fellow bloggers video channels. Have a wonderful day/night and remain safe.


    1. Definitely. Welcome to the platform and community of many encouraging messages from fellow bloggers. Our blogging community is the best!


  2. So you did it! Signed up for another year with WP. Have you gained any new prospectives in blogging to the world? Gained any new friends? Or increased your love for the Word and for sharing it with others…in some cases total strangers? Like you, I love blogging and look forward to posting every Friday. Thank God I have not missed blogging each Friday for 3-1/2 years. Stay strong, my sister. God loves you and your efforts. Love, Sister Sonja

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    1. Hello Sonja, another year and many new viewers and followers of GOD’s Word on MRS. T’S CORNER. WordPress is a great platform that allows us to connect with people on every continents. Wishing GOD’s blessing on your continued efforts as well. Have a wonderful weekend and remain safe.

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  3. Happy 2nd anniversary, Tangie! Please know that you are making a great difference in many people’s lives with the God-words and inspirations you share here. Here’s to many more inspirational years, and many sweet blessings to you ❤

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    1. Thank you and I appreciate your visiting MRS T’S CORNER. Are you still living in the Netherlands? It is a beautiful place from what I have seen on TV and the Internet. Have a wonderful weekend and remain safe.

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      1. Yes, I’m still living in the Netherlands. It is indeed very beautiful, I liked the people in London, but the air and open spaces are breath-taking here. It was a good place to be for the quarantine because we were surrounded by more nature than people.

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      1. Aww thank you for using that greeting, feels like I am meeting a fellow Sri Lankan🤗 Ayubowan to you too Tangie! I love this blogging community and sharing our cultures, YAY! 🎊
        Thank you, you too have a great weekend! ♥️♥️

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Have a wonderful weekend and remain safe.

      What is your new page link? I get following message when attempting to visit your page? is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.


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