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Spiritual Drum Majors For Christ

“But the Lord said to Ananias, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel. I will show him how much he must suffer for My name.” (Acts 9:15-16)

Perhaps some of us never gave much thought to drum majors being anything but leaders of marching bands. Unbeknownst to me there is more to their roles. “‘A drum major’s job is to carry out the instructions of the band director and other instructional staff regarding what needs to be done with the band.

Additional duties include setting standards for discipline, bearing, and conduct for the members of the band to follow, and getting the band out to the rehearsal area and into proper formation ready to begin rehearsal.

They also take the band through warm-up exercises, lead the band in performances and assist with teaching other members of the band how to march. They signal percussion section to roll-off to play during parades and act as the band’s representative at award ceremonies and special functions.

Drum majors have a good understanding of the music being performed by the full ensemble. They are skilled as a field conductor and have developed a high level of skill with a drum major baton or mace, have exceptional marching technique, and their vocal commands are loud and easily understood.

They are highly responsible and reliable and are dedicated to having the band succeed. They work well with both the band director and the membership of the band and they know how to teach and assist other members of the band.

They have the ability to inspire the band in performance. They assist directors in organizational and administrative tasks like chairs and stands in the band room, straightening up any band area, etc.'”

Sadly, there are wolves in sheep clothing amongst us to divide congregations of God’s people with their deceit and lack of biblical foundations; therefore, we should not act like a Christian but act like Christ.

Are we marching in the gospel of Christ as a bright light in this dark world, and are we loudly vocalizing His gospel to ensure it is easily understood? Are we as fervent in our spiritual drum major role and responsibilities as secular drum majors are? Do we carry out biblical instructions of GOD, the only Director who gave us instructions to get from earth to glory?

Regardless of our circumstances are we going through spiritual warm up exercises such as Bible studies, meditation and prayer? Are we performing in teaching other members of the flock how to flee wiles of the devil? Are we responsible, knowledgeable and reliable with spreading biblical truth through various ways of evangelism?

Secular drum majors are easily identified by their uniforms? Can we be easily identified as converted Christians? Or is a name tag required?

Are we developing high level of biblical knowledge, understanding, wisdom and obedience to maintain our skills and abilities as spiritual drum majors? Are we dedicated to helping others succeed in becoming spiritual drum majors for Christ? Do we work well with church leadership to carry out biblical instructions in the Lord’s Body?


My husband’s last week’s Bible study discussion was about Christians being an accessory to sin. The question he asked was “Are you an accessory to sin?” This was a great reminder for me to honestly examine myself to see if I, no one else, am performing my roles and responsibilities as a spiritual drum major for Christ.

What about you? Can GOD say you are His chosen and faithful instrument carrying out His biblical instructions in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus with no respect of person?


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17 thoughts on “Spiritual Drum Majors For Christ

  1. Hello Tangie, confirmation!
    I was talking to another sister in Christ and my spoken words were, “during the pandemic”, this is the time to demonstrate “A sacrificial service for Jesus Christ” (Col.1:9-10) and after reading your blog, it has been relatable to the point, I made to that individual.

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    1. Thank you, Pam, for reading and commenting. There are no vacations from worshiping, serving and evangelizing for converted Christians [Spiritual Drum Majors For Christ]. Sadly, some are perhaps using the pandemic as an excuse to take vacations from spiritual duties. Agree, we still have a call to duty during the “pandemic.” Have a wonderful day/night and please remain safe and sharing the gospel–which I know you will.


    1. Hello Anthonia, I am doing the best I can despite some medical challenges. Please call me Tangie and I really appreciate you thinking of me to ask. Lord willing, I am setting aside some time this week to visit you and fellow bloggers. Have a wonderful day/night and remain safe. How are you?


      1. That’s great. I know that God will heal you of whatever medical challenges you are facing because what God cannot do does not exist. The devil has failed already. I’m doing great just thinking on how I can deploy my potentials to the maximum. I know God will help me.
        Take good care of yourself.

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      2. You take care too Anthonia. By the way, after our last conversation, GOD heard the prayers of the righteousness and I will be sent to another set of physicians with fresh eyes and new MRIs. Have a wonderful day/night.


    1. Thank you, Eileen, for reading and sharing my blog. Again, as always thank you for your support. Have a great day/night and remain safe.


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