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Do You Make Time to Serve?

“For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you. (John 13:15) Jesus is the perfect example of serving in love, humility and without esteeming Himself above others.

Do you know elderly or sick people who would perhaps love to receive a phone call? What about preparing hot meals and delivering to homeless shelters with no contact? When we know others are in need, do we walk away hoping they do not ask us for help? Or do we show genuine concern for them? Unfortunately, it is impossible to help everyone but we should attempt to point others to different agencies.

What are other ways we serve in the midst of a global pandemic? Wearing a mask in public to prevent the continuation of soaring numbers of coronavirus cases.

The following was shared by Pam, a sister-in-Christ, and ties perfectly with the subject of serving. “Did you know that you can serve anywhere you want? It doesn’t have to be only at your church. Opportunities to lend a helping had are all around you. Are you good at plumbing, gardening, auto repair, housekeeping, or accounting? Use the skills you already have to help others in practical ways. Don’t make serving others more complicated than it really is. Helping others is as simple as keeping your eyes open for their needs, and then doing something about them. Every need presents an opportunity to show God’s love in a tangible way. God is counting on you, me, us, to step up and share His goodness by helping others.

Consider [those in the Body of Christ] and your workplace. Five days a week, you are around people who are hurting. Behind some of those smiles and polite conversations, people are weighted down by unimaginable burdens. When your eyes are open to the needs of others, God will show you when and how He wants you to help. It’s difficult to serve at home, but that’s where it’ll make a huge impact. Families that serve one another can handle anything! There’s always an excuse not to help others. If you don’t have time to help others, then you are too busy. God did not put you on earth to live just for yourself. Following Jesus means a life of service. If you think you are too good to help others, “You are only fooling yourself.” Begin praying for God to open your eyes so you can help others. END OF DEVOTION

Conclusion, let us have the Mind of Christ to genuinely serve others as guided by the Holy Spirit to ensure the safety of our health as well as safety of others. Serving others is what Jesus did to the point of given up His innocent life to bear our sins on the cross. He still serves us as the mediator between us and God. (I Timothy 2:5)

Please feel free to share examples of Jesus serving others?


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24 thoughts on “Do You Make Time to Serve?

  1. Hi Tangie, according to James 2:24
    We are going to be Justified by both faith and our works! In IPeter 4:9-11 we read about understanding and practicing hospitality towards All men! In our local congregation during the cold snap days, members of the
    “Hospitality ” ministry we prepared chicken and vegetables soup for our seniors, who are sick and shut in for variuos reasons, many did not accept the soup, we made sure the seniors needs were being met. One other servitude is that hospitality has continued to do is provide 1 night a month a meal for the homeless shelter. We do not enter and serve, however, we have continued our servitude.

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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing the congregation’s acts of servitude. I am sure those who served were just as joyous and thankful to God for being in a position to do so. Have a wonderful day and remain warm and safe. Thank you for sharing the devotion with me to share with others.


  2. A great post, thank you Tangie. I pray that God will make me more alert and sensitive to others concerns and to be more able and willing to help. Amen.

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    1. Thank you. I appreciate you reading and commenting. Perhaps most of us need more alertness and sensitivity. You took the first step for yourself admitting and praying for more alertness and sensitivity to others concerns. Have a wonderful weekend and remain safe.

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  3. Great post and so true. There are so many ways he served us. Feeding the thousands that were hungry, healing the sick, teaching his disciples how to pray but most importantly He suffer, died and rose again so we could be forgiven for our sins.
    Sending you love ❤️ Joni

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      1. Thank you and you please stay safe yourself. What would we do without our Father’s Son? We don’t have to live in a world of fear. Thanks be to God. Love y’all Tangie. Keep your sweet family safe. ❤️💕Joni

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  4. I think it’s important to get into the habit of just thinking of small things you can do … different small things that might not take a lot of time – but make a huge difference to the person who ‘receives’ them. Blessings 🙂

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