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Awesome News! Praise God! I Am So Excited!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

Good Morning! I had another blog to share today but after getting a call from my gynecologist earlier this week, and talking with my nephrologist yesterday, I had to share how God intervened in His daughter’s life; secularly, physically and spiritually.

But first, Sister Copeland’s devotion as it ties in with my personal message. It is titled “The Works of His Hands.” It reads “I AM THE POTTER; you are My clay. I designed you before the foundation of the world. I arrange the events of each day to form you into this preconceived pattern. My everlasting Love is at work in every event of your life. On some days your will and Mine flow smoothly together. You tend to feel in control of your life when our wills are in harmony. On other days you feel as if you are swimming upstream, against the current of My purposes. When that happens, stop and seek My Face. The opposition you feel may be from Me, or it may be from the evil one. Talk with Me about what you are experiencing. Let My Spirit guide you through treacherous waters. As you move through the turbulent stream with me, let circumstances mold you into the one I desire you to be. Say yes to your Potter as you go through this day” [and life]. END OF DEVOTION

Yes, Lord! I am Your clay. I will go through this day, and my life on earth, submitting to Your Hands to be molded into Your desired purpose for me. During a deadly pandemic, civil unrest and so many other things that are displeasing to You, my mind remains focus on You and Your will for my life. I have come to understand not every battle is mine to fight and not consume my mind with earthly matters that you will handle in Your timing. Everything is not my business! Instead, I must diligently seek You and obey Your commandments in order to win the spiritual war to save my soul from this wicked world.

Today, in my moment, I am so excited to share Your blessings in my life! All of my gynecologist test results, there were many, returned negative. My nephrologist told me yesterday that my lab results all returned negative and there is no longer evidence of kidney disease. Praise the Lord! I repeat, there is no longer evidence of kidney disease! His recommendation, until I see him, Lord willing, in October 2021, is to continue my healthy renal diet, exercise and definitely stay hydrated. I was so excited listening to Dr. G., while simultaneously thanking God for His divine intervention and His love for me, and texting my husband to call me although he is a very busy man supervising approximately 130 employees in two states. However, I was too excited to wait until he got home to share the news.

As I previously mentioned, battlefield acupuncture worked well for my neck, shoulder and back. However, the back pain returned sooner than expected with increase morning spasms. Lord willing, I am scheduled on October 13, 2020, for six back injections in my nerves, instead of my joints done previously, which lasted only two months; but those two months I was thankful for the pain relief moments.

If God says no to intervening in my other health conditions, I will remain thankful for His grace to continue sustaining me until my eyes are permanently closed. As a matter of fact, I look forward to leaving this wicked world in exchange for eternal life in Heaven. Until then, I will continue striving for perfection in obedience to His commandments despite oppositions the devil and his demonic staff throw my way. I need peace of mind to remain in harmony with my Lord and Savior.

I love the eloquence of Apostle Paul when he stated “Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” II Corinthians 12:8-10

In addition to Sister Copeland’s devotion, I was blessed by this morning minister’s wives zoom conference. Sister Glenn’s lesson and testimony touched my heart. In her lesson, she reminded minister’s wives the importance of POSTURE in our walk, talk and every day life. Her lesson is applicable to all Christians, but for some reason, many have different expectations for minister’s wives even though we serve the same God, and will be judge by our actions, not by the positions of our husbands. The scriptures she shared below were in harmony with my blog message.


“For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He without from those who walk is blameless. Lord Almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in you. (Psalm 84:11-12)

“Rejoice evermore. Pay without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.  (I Thessalonians 5:16-18)

“Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord!” (Psalm 150:6)


I would like to thank Mrs. Holliman for always checking on me and for the most important guest tag:

I appreciate and thank all of you who prayed, called, texted, or emailed me. I never imagine such blessings would come outside my comfort zone when I started blogging in June 2019. I enjoy the community interaction with all my fellow bloggers, blog followers, readers and viewers. Everyone, please remain safe and enjoy your weekend.

NOTE: New blog followers, I am slowly making my rounds to your blogs to read and follow.


Christian Blogger, minister's wife, mother of three adult children and grandmother of one granddaughter

67 thoughts on “Awesome News! Praise God! I Am So Excited!

  1. Praise the Lord for your good news, Tangie! Our Great Physician is so wonderful!
    Isn’t it wonderful also how He designs our devotionals to go with our day?
    God is so good! And He loves you, Tangie! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is definitely the TRUE One and Only Awesome God! Yes, Sister Copeland’s devotions are always on time. Yes, and I love OUR God. It is so sad that some of His children do not love Him to obey His commandments. Thank you for reading and sharing your kind words. Have a great evening and remain safe.

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  2. Wow, praise God Tangie! This is awesome news. Our prayers never fall on deaf ears with the Lord. When we are well, we can do more for the Lord. I need to get back into exercising, Lord knows this back issue will not disappear until I get back on track. I pray that the Lord continues to keep you and bring healing to your whole body. God bless you sister.

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    1. Thank you reading and rejoicing with me in the healing of my kidneys disease (James 5:16). One of my insurance’s companies notified my doctors that I must lose weight to reduce pressure off my back. Lord willing, on October 13, I will get six more injections and should be able to get on the treadmill. I pray the the Lord will keep you and heal your back. Enjoy your evening and remain safe. Blessings…


    1. Georgetta, yes! Our God is AWESOME. Through it all I never gave upon Him, and He sustained me through many painful days. Now, I eagerly await to see how He will use me for His purpose. Thank you for reading and please remain safe.


    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. One of many reasons I enjoy blogging is the encouragement we get from one another. We have an awesome blogging community and I am happy to be apart of it. Please remain safe.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news, Tangie! Praise God!
    I know what you mean about the wickedness and evil in this world, but it is people like you who are shining lights and testament to God that He will restore its goodness as He intended. Keep shining brightly and all the very best for continuing health and happiness. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome. It was my pleasure to share my blessings with a great group of bloggers who show nothing but love, kindness and respect for one another. I appreciate your kind words and will definitely strive to keep shining each day God affords me to live. Blessings! Please remain safe.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure. God is Awesome rather He answers prayers or not. I want the world to know who He is and the difference He makes in our lives and in our soul’s eternal destination. Thank you for your reading and commenting. Remain safe.


      1. Sometimes He says no because He can see what we cannot see in the future. He said no to me several times regarding jobs I interviewed and prayed to get ranking as the best qualified candidate. However, I am so thankful to this day His answer was no because I now see what He saw years ago. Sometimes He cannot answer because of Isaiah 59:2, John 9:31. My husband preached an awesome sermon title “When God Says No To Our Prayers” and I will try sharing the link from Facebook. (James 4:2-4)

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  4. So happy to hear the good news and thankful to God that He blessed you with such good results. prayers that you will continue to receive many more blessings in relation to your physical health.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I am so excited, blessed and wish to share the blessings of God with world. One of the challenges regarding my back was the need to use contrast for MRIs to do an in-depth study. However, my nephrologist refused requests because contrast is dangerous for CKD patients. Even though I no longer have diagnosis, I am still not eager to let them use contrast. I will continue trusting in the Lord.


  5. Tangie, I am prayful to God for releasing the kidney disease from your body and I ask God to allow the treatments starting later this month to be a blessing and cure to your back pain! Prayerfully, there will be many painless days to continue blogging, edifying messages, spiritual guidance, growth to many viewers!

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  6. What wonderful news my friend. I too am excited for being part of God’s Kingdom. I would love to
    Join the Lord, and Jesus today. I love the verse you talked about where Paul is told by God that His grace was sufficient as Paul was physically suffering. Good luck with your injections my friend. I just had twelve this week in my upper shoulders. Mine are giving me some relief I pray yours will also. So grateful for all your blessings my friend. Love you. 💖🤗💕🙏Joni

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