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Thank You For Caring!

I would like to thank you for your calls, texts, thoughts, prayers, emails and WordPress comments inquiring about my health after my last blog: CLICK HERE TO READ HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY


I feel better now, but in the past seven days, I experienced excruciating back pain at least four of those days. At times, I had to take baby steps from point A to B, with assistance. On August 5th, I had an emergency visit with my Pain Management and Intervention Physician. He and I agreed in an effort to protect my kidneys, without prescribed medicine, a home Tens Therapy Pain Reliever Device is essential; Lord willing I will get it on Monday. Also, I am schedule for my first acupuncture treatment on August 31st.

Perhaps most of us have experienced mental, physical or spiritual pain simultaneously or different times. We are told in II Corinthians 12:8-10 by Apostle Paul “Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me.” But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

My body might be weak but my mind is strong for the Lord. During difficult times we must not perpetuate our faith to become Satan’s playground. The Israelites’ experience teaches us that we should not focus on our circumstances and oppositions but focus on God.

OIP (3)

On August 3rd, I had a follow-up appointment at Florida Cancer Specialists to receive no good news; more to follow when labs are repeated on October 26th. Praying results are better!

On October 5th, I have a follow-up appointment with my nephrologist to check my kidneys function. Praying all is well!

“But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD, ‘because you are called an outcast, Zion for whom no one cares.” (Jeremiah 30:17) You have proven that you indeed care…

Conclusion, again, thank you all very much for the kindness you have shown me in words, thoughts and deeds. Please remain safe in the arms of our Lord and Savior Jesus.



Christian Blogger, minister's wife, mother of three adult children and grandmother of one granddaughter

83 thoughts on “Thank You For Caring!

  1. This is a little late but still prayful you will continue to feel better. I pray the results of yout future appointments will be favorable. You have great faith .

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  2. Mrs T – claiming 3rd John 2 on your behalf – that God would place his hands on you to prosper and give you good health according to His will. As you wait on Him may your strength be renewed as He has promised in Isaiah and as you look to Him for strength may Be give you the perfect peace He has promised you in Isaiah 26:3-4. May no weapon formed against you proper through the mighty name of Jesus Christ Our Lord, Saviour and healer! Abundant blessings, health and wellness to you. Love D. 🙏💛💯

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    1. Thank you so much for scriptures and words of encouragement. He is an AWESOME God. I am truly thankful for Him sustaining me; otherwise, I would not be able to bear the pain some days. Take care and remain safe. Blessings to you and your family.

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  3. Hi Tangie, I’m so glad I am following your blog!

    I, too, have relied on those verses in 2 Corinthians many times. While I have a few medical issues, the mental health issues are more of a thorn for me. Friday, I was on anxiety overload, and Sunday it deteriorated into full-blown major depression. And I had to preach the next day! God, in his grace, told a pastor friend to call me. She always listens to his promptings, she called me; and it was enough to get me over the hump. I was weak. His strength was revealed in Pastor Zoila when she called me. God is so amazing! Please keep posting the wonderful blogs.


    1. Thank you for reading, commenting and following my blog. II Corinthians is such a blessings to keep us encouraged. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers for specific reasons. Medical issues can definitely cause mental health issues; been there too. By the grace of God and His mercy His Word strengthens us moment-by-moment to be thankful. Take care and remain safe.


  4. When I clicked the link to read your Happy Thanksgiving post, it rerouted and took me to a page to sign-in at a site to blog. I was so looking forward to reading the history, (and this post is a praise and glory to God!).

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  5. I will be praying for comfort, healing, and wisdom as you continue to travel this road. Thank you for sharing your story, and allowing God to use your circumstances to speak to us. Be blessed, as you are such a blessing.

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    1. Prayers are very much appreciated. I realize sharing my physical and spiritual journeys comfort me as well. I feel like a beautiful butterfly knowing God is using me in His way to encourage and inspire others to keep on the path of righteousness, despite circumstances. I am the first to admit it is not always easy but the Lord sustains me and the Holy Spirit guides my words in my obedience. I purposely stay busy so my mind does not become the devil’s workshop or entertain self pity parties. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day and remain safe.


    1. Blogging and being part of this wonderful community have given me much encouragement and inspiration. You all make it such an awesome experience that will always be dear to me. Since I have been teleworking, most of my interaction comes from fellow bloggers, family, spiritual mothers and a few siblings-in-Christ. Thank you for sending comfort, love and the SON Light. Have a wonderful day and remain safe.

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      1. It’s a wonderful community that I’m grateful for to. I’m happy for you that it brings you so much peace and encouragement. Have a good day to and many Blessings ahead.

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    1. You all help keep hope alive. I love the interaction and never imagine being outside my comfort zone would be such a blessing; everything in God’s time. Thank you always for your support and encouraging words. Have a wonderful day and remain safe.

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    1. I am feeling much better and appreciate the well wishes. I am definitely following doctors’ orders as God has allowed them to obtain knowledge to care for the temple of the Holy Spirit. He guided me to some of the top specialists in Florida who truly care about my health. I have to get back in the routine of daily stretching and walking inside the house; which I did this morning. Have a wonderful day and remain safe.

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      1. I’m glad you’re determined to get better..keep up and am the best💯💯❤❤
        Have beautiful days and always know we are here and I personally admire you ..keep safe too

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    1. Thank you very much for sending up need prayers, they definitely are reaching God because I could not sustain my own life living with chronic pain. Have a wonderful day and remain safe.


    1. No problem, Lady D inquired, and I have a spiritual obligation to share to encourage others who have acknowledged similar medical conditions including living with chronic pain. I appreciate you keeping me in prayers. Have an awesome weekend and remain safe.


    1. I am on a “strict” renal patient diet which consist of everything you stated, and so much more. Having Chronic Kidney Disease alone can drastically change your lifestyle. However, I am thankful to God that a 2016 incident landed me in the hospital; when it was discovered at Stage 2, rather than final stages 4 & 5; but there is still hope at the last two stages if a kidney is donated. I have been afford an opportunity to make changes to slow down the progression and praise God. Thank you for the good wishes and prayers. Have an awesome day and stay safe.


      1. Dear Tangie , please increase Vitamin C such as Tamarind Juice with honey.
        Please increase antioxidant supply the oxygen.
        Wish you well, you are in our prayers.
        Have a blessed weekend.
        Stay safe , pathway to recovery.

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      2. If you have any Asian Grocery shops especially Indian there you must get it. Cooking food won’t be completed with out Tamarind. You can also find in Amazon for sure.

        Also with out forgetting if you can find Coffee Leaf extract then you must use it for detoxing all the undigested medicines chemicals this can clean blood and make you more healthy, keep me posted i can also try search here and i can send you if available for you.

        Wishing you big smile and gods blessing for good health hope the god bring his touch and looking for a healing miracle.

        Stay in touch and have a wonderful week ahead.

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      3. I really appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness of providing this information. I am twenty minutes from Asian and Indian grocery stores. Lord willing, I will check them out on Thursday.


      4. You can certainly find it in Indian Indonesian or Thai grocery shops as its part of their daily meal. Very rich in Vitamin C , you can add few drops of honey to the concentration and dilute in warm water and consume. You can have it after your meal 3 times a day.

        Also another use of this Tamarind is when you add a quarter spoon of Cayenne pepper to the concentration and drink with warm water it works as a strong pain killer. Any acute pain will be released. This will certainly help you. Its natural and no bad side effects. For very high immunity this will helps . I am taking this daily even with out any pains to manage my body immunity.
        Wish you a very speedy recovery Tangie. Happy sunday and we will pray you get well soon and back smiling.

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      5. You are most welcome. Another hint for you to add more natural vitamin c to your body system is eat Ripen Guava fruit even semi ripen fruit can help you. Please remove small seeds inside before consuming. This can be a added advantage than use chemical based vit C. All the best and get well soon.


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Fellow bloggers have been such a blessing to me that I could not allow another day to pass without sharing my genuine appreciation to everyone. Have a lovely day and remain safe.

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    1. I started blogging in 2019 as an outlet to help myself and encourage and inspire others coping with similar medical conditions and chronic pain. However, the Lord turned it into something beyond my imagination and I love it. I enjoy reading different topics, seeing places and countries I will perhaps never be able to visit. But most importantly, the SON Light is shining over the world and I truly enjoy he interaction with everyone. Blogging keeps my mind busy for the Lord and having no time to be the devil’s workshop or to entertain self-pity parties.


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